Thursday, September 29, 2011

Have you guys heard about The Gossip & Art vs Science?

The Gossip & Art vs Science are 2 famous bands and now Heineken is bringing you guys to them live along with few of local acts at the GreenRoom @ KL Live this Wednesday, 5th October 2011.

Heineken Green Room
DateWednesday, 5th October 2011
Time7.00pm onwards
VenueKL Live, 20 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 KL

Artist Line Up:

Ticket Prices
Early Bird : RM128 (20th August - 4th September 2011)
Pre Sale :  RM 158 (5th September - 4th October 2011)
Door : RM188

Here I insert to you guys a video from both Art vs Science to intro to you guys how cool they are ;)

This is a music video from Art vs Science, (Parlez-Vous Francais) ;

& this one right up here, is from The Gossip, (Love Long Distance)

BUTTTTTTTTTT.... Heres the catch, if you guys think the price for the tickets to GreenRoom is unbelievably expensive, Im selling 15 tickets now at a very cheap price. ;) Look for me on Twitter : @SofyMohz or just leave me a comment me here on my blog. ;) LETS GO ROCK KL LIVE, PEOPLE!
If you guys are going, see you there! If not, you can get the tickets from me. ;P

***Entry for 18 years old & above ONLY!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Berbahasa Melayu.

Orang kata aku bertuah sebab dapat apa aku nak,
Aku kata tak senang duduk dalam posisi aku.

Orang kata aku gemuk dan bodoh,
Aku kata aku hanya jalani hari hari sebagai manusia biasa.

Orang kata aku perasan hebat lepas tu bangga ada boyfriend,
Aku kata aku hanya bersyukur dengan orang orang di sekeliling aku.

Orang kata aku takkan berjaya,
Aku kata tunggu dan lihat sahaja apa akan jadi di masa depan.

Orang kata family aku kaya dan aku bertuah,
Aku kata semua tu hanya luaran sahaja,

Orang kata aku hebat,
Aku kata aku hanya makhluk Allah swt yang dicipta cukup sempurna sifatnya. 

Tak kisahlah apa orang nak kata. Orang hanya nampak luaran sahaja. Sebab apa yang betul betul berlaku dalam hidup kita, hanya kita & Allah swt sahaja yang tahu. Biar lah orang nak judge, orang nak benci, orang nak mengata, yang dapat dosa mereka, kita hanya dapat pahala mereka sahaja. Kau hidup dekat dunia tak lama, kau buat je lah apa kau rasa betul. Tak ada orang yang perfect pun. Semua buat salah, apa yang penting kau buat salah tapi lepas tu kau cuba untuk perbetulkan diri. Allah swt Maha Pengampun. :) 

Aku juga manusia biasa. Yang ada banyak lagi perkara yang harus dipelajari untuk dilengkapkan dalam buku duniawi untuk dijadikan persediaan untuk akhirat nanti. :)

Aku tak cakap aku ni angelic sangat. Aku pun banyak dosa. InsyaAllah, suatu hari nanti..... Bertudung lituplah aku. Teringin. Tak selamanya kita muda kan. Umur dah 20. Bila ajal datang kita tak tahu. InsyaAllah.... O:)

P/S : Dalam bilik. Macam macam perkara berlegar dalam fikiran. Aku kembali. Dengan entri di blog ini berbahasa Melayu setelah beberapa ketika. Aku rasa tenang, menggunakan bahasa kebangsaan kita. Harap entri ini diterima mesej yang ingin disampaikan. Maksud tersirat & tersurat.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Will you promise me?

I know our future seems not so bright together. Not because we dont love each other, but because of something that we both can do nothing about. 

So, will you promise me, that we'll cherish every second that we both have with each other? Will you make yourself impossible to forget and feed me with beautiful and gorgeous memories? Will you promise me to fight for us as long as we could and make us strong in order to lead this life together? Will you promise me that you wont be leaving me, not until we know we are totally not destined for each other? 

Because everyday, I pray for our future together. How impossible we will be, I know God listens to our prayers. He knows whats best for each & one of us. But in the mean time, can you promise me, that we'll work hard for our destiny? For our future. Because baby, youre the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you more than I love myself. I know, as much as its the best feeling in the world to love and be loved, it could be the worst thing that I'll do. Truth to be told, I cant control my feelings. So baby, just to let you know, Ill try my hardest, to make this thing work. & I hope youll do the same

P/S   : If we are no longer together, just remember, its not because our love has fade, or feelings has changed. But because God prepares us someone better. Just that. Period. :) 
PP/S : Thank you for every single thing youve done to me. The money, sweat, strength, time that youve spent on me. Nothing could ever beat that. No one could ever beat you. I love you, Sayang. Always have & always will do. One year plus and still counting. <3

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hello, BloggerLoves.

Fuhh, rise & shine dear Blog! <3 :

Its been quite a while since I last blogged here. I miss blogging, but my mojo of writing/blogging seems to have gone missing for ages already. :( Not that I was so good at blogging, though. Hehe. 

Its currently 1.28am, 25th March 2011. SHIT, JUST REMEMBERED THIS DATE WAS MY WORST NIGHTMARE LAST YEAR! Okay, back to main topic. It is already the birthday season for Ariens, so here I take the opportunity to wish the Ariens out there a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY & DO HAVE A FAB ONE, alright? ;) ARIENS ROCK, YO! :D

As a start, I shall list down my birthday wishlist as Im gonna celebrate my 20th birthday in approximately 10 days? ( That is on 4th April if youre wondering. :P ) GOD IM GONNA BE 20, IM SO OLD ALREADY, NO NO NO! ( over acting much? HAHA! ) So, here it goes. My birthday wishlist! :)

 iPad 2
  iPhone 5
  New digital camera ( as Ive lost my camera while went for a holiday with Mister Love in Genting few    months back )
  a whole set of clothes, handbags, shoes, accessories, lingeries. 
   new BlackBerry
   a perfect date
   a set of make up
   spa treatment for 2
   holiday trip with Mister Love
 fun day with best friends & family
 surprise party ( :P )
2 tickets to Bruno Mars' concert
 polaroid camera
 weight loss programme
 BlackBerry playbook
 a large amount of moolah
 a new car
 a good result
 a good relationship with loved ones & perfect health

Maybe Ill update the list once I found new things that need to be owned. :P I know some are just plain impossible, but no harm on wishing & hoping to get right? :) But whats most important, I just want to be by my loved ones' side on my birthday & just to feel appreciated & loved. ( BUT NOT THAT I AINT HOPING FOR ANY PRESENTS K! HAHA ) 

Oh well, I shall fin the post here. Ill update again once I have the idea to blog. Till then, PLEASE DO TAKE NOTE ON WHAT I WANT FOR MY BIRTHDAY & take care. Have a nice day, week, month, year ahead, babyloves! :) <3

P/S : The wishlist is open from 1st to 30th April. Even for the whole year. :P

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My own perfect people!

Something happened last night. & at first I only had a very creepy & stupid conversation with Iylia Adreena alone. Turned out, after a while, I got text messages & calls from Arlina Arshad, Nik Mohd Syafiq & Saiful Anwar Mubarok. & those tweets from Nazrin Abdul Wahid & them people who were so worried about me. Azihanie Mahamood was also there for me. I seriously feel so loved with their concerns. They really proved to me that they are my forever bestestestest friends! They are basically my siblings that I chose. Our 6 years of friendship is still standing strong. Im thankful for having them. Eventhough we only get to see each other once in a while & most of the time is when they are having their sem break, I still think they are always there for me. Like people say, "Jauh di mata dekat di hati." Once we see each other, everything just seems so perfect. Thanks so much, for everything you guys. I love you guys, forever & always. <3