Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Declare Independence - Bjork.

Youve made plans for the future.
Youre buying me stuffs.
Youre doing me good deeds.
Youre making me nervous & afraid.

Im afraid the same old thing is going to happen again, but this time around its vice versa.
Im afraid i might be hurting you.
I know im using you, to let go of the past.
I dont want to trust you.
I dont want to rely on you.
But im getting to.
Thats why im afraid.

I want to hold back everything.
I dont want to repeat the same mistakes all over again.
Enough of getting fooled 3 times throughout my life.
Enough is enough.

Im tired of being haunted by the same old memories.
Im tired of waiting for impossible calls.
When can i move on, tell me please.

P/S : Alie, mana peria i?! Been waiting for the peria kering for ages already! Syaf, date berbuka dengan i, one of these days as youve promised, mari cepat! I miss my school friends. Bila boleh buat gathering? I miss my YC clan too. I miss everybody! TAK SABAR NAK RAYA WOKKKK! Open houses. :)

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