Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Go - Aizat.

Sorry, i cant pretend anymore.
Sorry, i cant lie to myself.
Sorry, i cant force myself.
Sorry, i dont like you.
Sorry, i just realised all of those feelings.
Sorry, i cant fool everybody especially me & you.
Sorry, i think id rather be alone.
Sorry, i just have to leave you.
Sorry, i wont be moving on from the past forever.
Sorry, id like to live my life as an anti social person.
Sorry, im focusing on studies & family & friends.
Sorry, i wont be searching for you anymore.
Sorry, i used you.
Sorry, im praying that youll get a better girl one day.
Sorry, i just cant be with you.
Sorry, i have no more strength.
Sorry, id love to be with myself only at the moment.
Sorry, i dont like the way you treat me as im still a nobody to you.
Sorry, ive loved him with all my heart & ive given him my heart which he didnt give it back to me.
Sorry, if we are meant to be together then we will be one day anyhow.
Sorry, i just cant let nobody else to heal my heart except for him.
Sorry, im such a moron.
Sorry, i have to do what i think i have to do.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Thank you anyhow, for being so caring to me.
Youre the best but i just cant be with you.
I cant force myself anymore.
I just want him & nobody else.
Sorry, Abang Kedah & sorry Sofia Farhana.
Sorry too, Yellow Man.
I dont know myself anymore, i want to be alone.

P/S : Rebound guy, didnt work out. Any other options? I seriously have to move on. Haih.

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