Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Im back, back for good i hope! :)


*I feel like writing in baby blue colour, it makes me feel so calm & cooling. WTF -.-* You know what? Im tired of this feeling already. This sad + lonely + etc feelings. Seriously, ill move on! & this is a promise to myself & everybody! Im happy now, with my life. Well, not exactly. But im healing, my heart is healing too. & im excited for getting into SEGi this monday. Im going to start a whole new life peopleeeeeeeeee. Pray for me! :) Oh & with Uswah being with me everyday nanti, memang best lah! Thank you baby, awak masuk USJ punya, kita memang sayang awakkkkk lah! Hehehe. Oh yeah, you know what? When i was on my way to Sungai Besi just now, i saw one kereta, comel sangat! It has no doors, the kerusi pak cik tu guna kerusi rumah yang rotan tu, dua dekat depan and dua dekat belakang. & as a precaution, instead of doors, dia guna yang rantai yang selalu guna untuk halang orang orang masuk satu satu area tu kan, rantai plastik tu, seriously, the car is sooooooooo cool, its like the kereta in flinstone, mesti pernah tengok kannnn? SUMPAH TAK TIPU! I was trying to capture the car with my camera, tapi tak sempat. Ye la, i was driving at that time & my mom pulak busy with her phone. -.- Oh i dont know where im heading with this one post, i just feel like writing & i just write whatever crosses my mind. :D Okay, i guess im done. OH & seriously people, im getting a great feeling here. Im getting better with my mom which before this she actually wont to talk to me because i decided to quit UITM & stuffs, my sisters are all happy with their life & my dad. Well hes just the same. But i know this will lead me somewhere. & ive promised myself that ill study hard & prove to my parents that i can do it too! Ill get great results & maybe insyaAllah, pursue my degree overseas, apply for scholarship - this is why i want good results! I nak berusahaaaaa. I nak berjaya jugak okay! TAK SABAR NAK START CLASS, i am sooooooooooo in the mood to study now. So i guess this is the end. Im done. Im done with the emo & all. Ill start a new life. ITS A GREAT FEELING! Tiba tiba rasa bahagiaaaaaaaaaaa sangat. Thank you everybody. Driving alone from Sungai Besi to USJ has made me realised. OH tak sabar nak pergi World Stage. Anybody else going? Lets meet up there. :D Mari bersyukur kepada keajaiban, THE OLD SOFIA IS BACK PEOPLE, SHES BACKKKKKKKKKKKKK! Arlina, im backkkkkkkkkk! Oh god, i feel good. :) So i guess, ttyl? Nak makan. Sorry, i had to merepek here. You dont have to read this if you dont want to. Love you everybody, xoxo.

P/S : Thanks Alie, for calling me a desperate girl. That made my day. But fyi, you dont know me that well to judge me. You maybe have read all my posts, but that doesnt mean youve known them all. & furthermore, im no longer the old me a.k.a im no longer Sofia who was once in a relationship with you. Get it over with already! & one more thing, i still think, YOU & SAUFI ARE JUST THE SAME! :)

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