Sunday, August 23, 2009

Littlest Things - Lily Allen.

Remember when was this? This was the first time you put your arms around mine. Hazim & the rest tak percaya pun & they thought gambar ni dibuat. Hmm, last day working at YC.

One week after i became UiTM student. Weekend, friday night, we went to Genting. With Hazim & Nazrin. 4th July 2009 to be exact. Ill always treasure this time. :)

Me & Nazrin was having our off day at YC, we went there, i bought you guys doughnuts. & this time, Nazrin or was it Arlina yang cakap "Ha, susah la nak move on tu, cey suka la tu."

Ejat's birthday, Blanka's friend gave one whole cake. Secret Recipe tau. Free free je dapat cake Chocolate Indulgence. :)

Ni pulak, ingat? You cant move on from this picture yourself. Tak habis habis, "Rare doh gamba ni, kan sofia kan? Rare doh kita time ni. Suka la, letak ah dekat myspace." -.-

You guys can say im desperate. You guys can say im stupid. You guys can say im an idiot. You guys can say anything to me. But to me, once you dah rasa apa i rasa then only youll know. Its hard, i can assure you that. Because he was once my everything. Tertanya tanya ke, tak risau dia tahu pasal ni? Gila berani i letak gambar i dengan dia? Well, he already knows everything. & im sure he knows ill be blogging about him. & if i tak taruk gambar & nama, im sure he knows that im talking about him. & i know he knows that it is hard for me. I told a friend, i know ill never be able to erase all those memories, to forget him, until forever. Hes too good to be replaced, hes too good to be deleted. But dont worry, im learning. Doakan i. Please. Sebab i tak kuat, langsung. Dengan adanya Abang Kedah di sisi pun, tak terlalu membantu. Hmm. :'( *Sorry Abang Kedah, i cant lie to myself.*


  1. oh damn man, ni sumpah sedeh. letak gmba2 sume. i know i you feel. ive lost someone really important in my life for a week pon macam gila babi sial uswh dh nk mati! HAHAHA. i know its hard man!!! :'( sumpah kt teringt time kt! awk ni sebenarnya kuat wk. awk bandingkan lah diri awk n kt time tuh. awk atleast awk bole sembynyikan sume tuh. kt? terus xklua bilik sume. awk mmg kuat. kt tau. awk dekatkan diri ngn Allah jer wk. insyallah dier akan tolong awk ;) dont worry! i know you can move on. mungkin bukan skrg. tp nnti. skrg awk kene saba. saba saba sabaaaaa sgt!

  2. u know never mind. tu la kan wak? ni dh one month living life without dia. kte sgt rindu diaaaaaaaaa :( okk wak. tu la. kte kene dktkn diri kte dgn Allah oh. hmm. kte mmg boleh sembunyikan wak. tp kt dh x kuat nk sorokkan semua bende ni. sakit wak! :((