Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time heals all wounds - please be fast!


ME / I


Im not okay, im sorry. Youve given me the biggest impact in life. Youve created such chaos in my life. Youve made my life so miserable. Youve taken all my love. Youve taken all, all from me. Youre making me & my life a mess. But still, i cant get over you, i cant forget you. Im sorry for myself, im sorry for him too. & im sorry for you. I dont want to use him. & i know i cant & i shouldnt use him, im feeling-less towards him. I think im trying too hard on him, i think i force myself on him. God, help me. Guide me. I dont want to use other people to get over someone i love too much. Its harder than i thought it could be. One day im okay, im almost there to forget you then another day i feel like i cant even live without you, i miss you too much. Its even harder when i think about you & her, when i think about him being too nice & too sweet. I need words, powerful words to motivate myself.

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