Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I took a quiz at facebook - How easy is it to hurt you? And the result is ....

You cry for every reason. You are a weekling. You are extremely easy to hurt and cry about everything. It's a good thing to cry, but if you cry too much you're eyes will hurt. You should probably not cry so much, but dont hide your feelings either, just dont be so dramatic. It causes people to either feel sorry for you or create harsh thoughs about you. So, try to cry a little less and let out your feelings at the same time.

Its true maybe. But hey, dont get me wrong. Eventhough youve read every single thing that i wrote in my blogs, thats not really how i acted everyday. I try my best not to show people how weak i am. I laugh, i smile, like everybody else does. Its just that i tend to let it all out here, my sadness especially. Well, its not easy being me right now. Im begging you, dont judge me before knowing me, before knowing what am i feeling right now. :')

P/S : I love you & now only you could make me say those 3 words. Can i press rewind & play back all those beautiful memories? :'( Oh yes, i demam lepas i jumpa you. Please explain.

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