Friday, August 14, 2009

Ups and downs.

Dear Imaginary Boyfriend *the diary is my IB*,

I just finished reading entries from my old blog. The March - June entries. I was so happy at that time. I envy myself. I was so happy with my seven favourite people. Now, things has changed. Complete 360. I feel like killing myself so that i wouldnt have to think about all these things anymore. But i know, i tak cukup beramal & beriman dekat Allah lagi untuk tinggalkan dunia ni. Plus, the world is too beautiful for me to leave it behind this soon. Why people make promises & they dont bother to keep the promises? I hate everybody. I hate you guys. Im lonely & i need my friends. I guess they will be searching for me when they think they needed me the most, where they couldnt find the boyfriend/girlfriend or the loved ones at that time. Oh dunia, its modern time already i guess. Nobody seems to care what others think. I think i shouldnt too. So whatever guys, im tired of pleasing people already. :) Thank God i have you now, BABY! I love you & i know youll always going to be there for me whenever i need someone to talk to. XOXO.

Your love,

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