Tuesday, September 15, 2009

150909, reconciled. :)

I am going to briefly tell you the events happened on 14th September & midnight 15th Septmber 2009.

Yesterday, around 930pm, we *myself, Nazrin, Arlina, Saufi, Shafiq* had planned to surprise our friend, *Nazrin's boyfriend*, Hazim, memandangkan kitorang tak celebrate birthday dia lagi. His birthday was on the 12th September. Kitorang planned, buat cerita baik punya, luckily tak kantoi ke apa & the plan went smoothly. We did the belated surprise for him at Alamanda, Putrajaya. :) These are some of the pictures.

Around 113opm, me & Nazrin head off to Kota Damansara, Cova Square to be exact to surprise Alie for his 18th birthday. *Arlina had to go back early, Shafiq sent her home. Hazim followed Shafiq to send Saufi & Arlina home* I arrived Cova Square at 1215am kot. After planning & setting things up, with the help of Alie's friends, at 1220am macam tu, tercetuslah perang. :) & these are few of the photos of the surprise for Alie.

& on the 15th September 2009, 1:14:57am, he 'hit the road' by saying :-

A : Hmm,i nk ckp something,tp nnt la, cupcake gmbr hati ni i makan,biar die masuk dlm dlm
S : U nk ckp ape? Ckp la. Oh. Ape mksd u bg dia msk dlm2?
A : Biar die simpan dlm hati i,i just want to say,would you like to be a part o fazlie nordin?

*long pause, tergamam, tergelak, tersenyum, tunjuk kat Nazrin. :')*

S : Im glad u like the cupcakes, the things that i did to u. I dont mind being a part of u if u want to be a part of sofia mohsen too. :)

Im officially yours, i love you. :')


  1. ohmygoddd! dh ke b? hahaha. congrats!!

  2. hahahaha. comelnye. kenape selalu lepas semua org sakit with a guy, they end up with a nice guy. that goes for everyone

    except for me :'(

    ceh, saje pura2 mintak simpati. im happy for u baby!

  3. haha. doa2kan la dia jadi sweet sampai bila bila k arlina? :/ thanks wakkk! its okay, ull find somebody, sooner or later. good things happen to those who wait, just remember that. :)