Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All i want for Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday is you, baby!

People always tell, we look cute together. We made a great couple. Im lucky to have you as my boyfriend, again. My family knew about us, my friends too. They are okay with us & im happy that theyre happy for me. But sometimes, im not sure if im being a great girlfriend to you. Because, i suck, big time, in relationships. I dont know how can you deal with me, how passionate can you be, when it comes to me.We are actually two different people who actually got stuck in a relationship. I know i love you but sometimes, im not sure if we can last longer if i keep on day-dreaming about us in a different way & you want us to be in a different situation. Im tired of arguing and i know i started all of them but i cant help it. I wish i could make you understand my feelings & i can understand yours too. & i know in our situation, i should have been the one whom understand you more. Ill try & change & i hope you do the same. If we dont change, im sure, we will go nowhere & we both will get bored of each other. I hope thats not going to happen. We are still at the early stage, 2 weeks is too early for all this. Or maybe we got carried away because we have been in each others life before & that makes both of us like this. I dont know, i need a shoulder. If only ..... If only.

But deep inside & i really mean these :-

I WANT YOU, to always be by my side and be there for me through thick & thin
I NEED YOU, to always be there for me whenever im looking for someone
I MISS YOU, even it has only been 1 second for not being there with you
I LOVE YOU, with all my heart and always have always will baby

Now, what im missing is only you. Ive let it all out & what i really want now is to be with you. 

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