Friday, September 4, 2009

Mama Do - Pixie Lott.

I actually realized that ive been missing you too much. Thought that ive totally moved on tapi sebenarnya tidak. When i hold your hands, i feel safe. When i hug you, i feel loved. But i know this happened because it has been too long, kan? :) You said it yourself, youve missed me. & yes, i admit that i miss you too. Its been great. I mean, after so long, we can actually hang out like we used to. Thanks for always being there & sebenar benarnya lah kan, youre the only one whom i can depend on, whom totally understand me inside & out.


It has been 41 days. Now, can you just let me throw you far far away, please? Why do i have to think about you every second? Why do everything has to remind me of you? Why is it so hard? Im sure you had fun at Jakarta right? & im sure theres no ole ole for me nor for the others. Korang semua, the clan of ours yang YC tu, memang cakap je nak lebih, konon promise itu promise ini. Tapi satu apa pun tak menjadi. Kan? :) You still owe me macam macam. & please, dont ask me to define macam macam because it is MACAM MACAM. I can assure you that. Tapi apa apa la, i tahu i kena buat bodoh je. I just have to forget all that. I akan lupakan semua itu tapi jangan harap i akan maafkan you. Hehe :)

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