Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sebelum Cahaya - Letto.

When i feel lonely, i look at the picture above or any other sunset pictures. Ill feel like my problems, burdens have been taken off for a while from my shoulders, my head. I feel like going to the beach now, main pasir, main air, main kejar kejar. How great. :') Or maybe to Genting, naik roller coaster, space shot semua tu.

I want to feel the happiness again. I want to erase all those stupid memories. I dont want to remember any of it anymore. I suddenly feel like pressing the rewind button, so that itll bring me back to the good old times in school. Eventhough i hate school so bad, i think school times was the greatest memories of my life. :') Tiba tiba i terbayang, macam mana lah life classmates i semua, rindunya. & tiba tiba i terasa, tak ke best kalau i ni lelaki? Senang je hidup. Ada rokok, hidup jalan. :) No no, im not saying that i smoke la. -.- Erm, what more? OH, i cant wait for the september punya intake masuk. Cuci mata la, apa lagi. Lol. Sekarang paling baik dengan Saw & Farid kalau dekat SEGI. :) Selain Uswah of course. Hahaha :)

Oh, sebenarnya i dont have any idea right now. Im posting this entry because i want to keep my head off from thinking about him, from missing him. Alaa, tak pe la. Redha je la, i memang tak move on. Dah la tu, i think i should go to bed right now. Esok kena bangun pagi, off to Nilai Square cari baju raya. YAYYYYYYYYY, raya is coming soon. :) Tak sabarrrrrrrrr!

P/S : Welcome Saw, to my blog. HAHAHA :) Weh, you dont forget us okay. Mentang mentang dah keluar Segi, kena ajak lepak jugak tau. :p

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