Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jiwang sekejap.

Walaupun kita dah pernah bersama, putus, bersama lagi, putus dan kini bersama kembali, aku tetap merasa segala perasaan yang dahulu pernah dirasai sewaktu awal awal zaman kita bersama.

Bila kau pegang tangan aku, hatiku berdebar debar.
Bila kau kata kau sayang aku, hatiku terus berdegup kencang.
Bila aku kata aku sayang kau, hatiku berdebar debar.
Bila satu hari aku tak dengar khabar berita kau, hatiku berdegup kencang.
Bila aku fikir pasal kau, hatiku berdebar debar.

Aku selalu merindui kau, setiap saat sayang.
Walaupun aku bersama kau ketika itu, aku tetap merindui kau.

Aku tak tahu apa yang telah kau buat kepadaku, tapi aku rasa seperti lain bila bersama kau.
Seolah aku lemah apabila berkaitan dengan hal kau.
Aku punyai pendirian, tetapi aku seakan tak berdaya untuk mengatakan semua itu.
Aku tahu, apabila aku kehilangan kau aku bakal jatuh, rebah.
Aku hiraukan semua yang dikatakan orang, kerana aku tau aku mahukan kau dan aku terlampau menyayangi kau.

Baik buruk kau, aku terima.
Baik buruk aku, kau terima.
Kau tak sempurna, begitu juga aku.
Tapi apabila aku bersama kau, aku seakan merasa hidup aku sempurna.
Kita berbalah, bergaduh, bertikam lidah boleh dikatakan setiap waktu.
Tapi aku tahu, kita boleh mengharungi segala hal kerana ikatan cinta & sayang kita terlampau kuat.

Aku tak ingin kehilangan kau sayang.
Tapi jikalau kita tidak ditadirkan untuk bersama sehingga akhir hayat, aku hanya mampu doakan kebahagiaan kau.
Ingatlah, bahawa kau pernah menjadi seseorang yang penting dalam hidup seorang perempuan.
Kau telah cuba mengubah aku, kau telah mengajar aku pelbagai perkara.

Aku sayang kau, Muhammad Fazlie bin Nordin.

High hopes.


Candle light dinner at a fancy restaurant
Walk by the beach
Receive a box of chocolate & a bouquet of flowers
Surprise birthday party
Long sweet text message
Being spoiled
Show love & sweetness in front of public
Hold my hands, hug me tight, kiss me on the cheek & forehead in front of public
Spend quality time on a mountain
Picnic at waterfall
Solat berjemaah
Berpuasa, bersahur & beraya together

P/S : This is what i want to do with the boyfriend. I want him to do to me. Tapi impian, mimpi hanya tinggal mimpi. :) Apa apa pun, its the thought that counts.
PP/S : This list will be updated from time to time. -_-

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

100th post, yay!

This blog has become my diary. But a diary thats not too personal, personal enough just to let everything out, deep inside from my heart. :)

Theres so much things had happened to me lately. Family & personal love life, both keeps bothering me everyday. I just hope, for a very normal & nearly perfect life. Okay, maybe thats too much. I just hope for some happiness. Thats all. Im tired of having dramas in my life.

Family ; Can we just be like every other families? We should communicate, we should have some kind of activities together. We are a family, anyhow. Please throw away all the egos, everybody. Especially, dad. You just have to accept the fact that your daughters are all grown up now. & DONT EVEN COMPARE US TO ANYBODY ELSE. & dont expect us to be perfect when you dont even bother to set a good example for us. Dont blame my sisters for not doing the work in the office & so on. Please, change dad. Then only you can expect us to change. :) I love my family & i want us to be like a normal family. :'(

Friends ; Well basically, for now, i dont really have any problem with any of them. I just love them to bits. :')

Boyfriend ; I love you, i dont know what to say anymore. I know i can be corny here but i just wouldnt. I just want to say i love you. & thats it. Sometime soon, we both would realize something. Maybe, just maybe.

Hmm, its a great way of celebrating my 100th post huh? :) Happy 100th post, dearest blog! I love you. Youve always been there for me, through thick & thin. I just know youll always be there for me, anyhow. *hugs* -_______-'

Monday, October 26, 2009

Get well soon / Come back home.

My boyfriend is sick.
Get well soon, sayang.
Jangan naughty naughty.
& thanks for the nafkah. Hehehehe :)

I love you, Muhammad Fazlie bin Nordin!

My cat has gone missing.
His name is Sayang.
It has been nearly 48 hours.
& still nowhere to be found.
Weve lodged a police report & flyers.
We miss you, sayang.

Sayang is on the left. Latte in color. Sayang, Fluffy misses you too. :'(

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hmph, i hate this.


No conlusion

Hello, im out of ideas. I lost myself. My ankle is still not in a great & superb condition. Now im having flu & cough too. Everything seems so wrong. I dont get enough sleep nowadays *not because of assignments though -_- *. Assignments are waiting to be done. Most of them, due in 2, 3 weeks time. Hmm. I think i better stop online-ing. Need to catch up with studies. Need to distract myself from all those problems. Hmm. I miss my past. But i want my present & future to include you. I love you. Psst, i miss you. I miss us. :'( Okay, need to go. Maybe ill post something up soon, when i have lots of ideas to be poured to this blog. XOXO

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two situations.

The hardest part in life is when the one you love, loves someone else. That sucks, better of without him/her if she/he does that.

The second hardest part is when the one you love, likes someone else. He/she is head over heels over her.

Dont try to correct me & think that im wrong because ive felt both. BOTH. The fact that at first you were not really in love with that person until one point youve become really in love with that person you love, you are willing to do anything for that person, you are willing to sacrifice everything to see that person happy but suddenly the secret is out. He/She is in love with other person/like somebody else too much until when that person talks to the friends, he/she wont talk about you whereas he/she will talk about that other person. He/She admit that he/she is single & want to be with the person he/she likes/loves & when you found out about the conversations, your heart just crushed. Crushed into million pieces. The fact that he/she says that he/she loves you & even swears he/she does, just fly away like that.  All the trust, love etc just dissappear. You cant say you hate him/her because you love him/her too much. But itll be difficult to say, your feelings at that time. You tell your friends & family, they ask/encourage you to just let him go. But your feelings towards him/her is just so deep until you know if you let him go, youll regret it. & if you dont, you know you are always going to be hurt.

The first time was the first situation. I managed to let him go. I managed to get over him. I managed to just let him be happy with his loved one. But i admit, it took me few months to really get over him. & i wont lie, until now, im not completely over him. But ive accepted the fact that i have my one now. & he is just another history that ive created. The love is still there. The hatred i felt towards him, the situation just for few moments. Now im happy for him. :)

Now you know im facing it again. But this time, its the second situation. I dont know what to say. He said hes sorry. He said he loves me, he swears he does.  He promised to change. But im not quite sure. Ive thought about this,  i told him what my decision was early this morning around 1, 2am. But now, im not sure if thats what i want. I want to see him change. I want to be with him. Forever. I love him too much. I dont care what others say because what i know, whatever situations we will be, we will always find a way to figure it out. How to settle it. I hope theres a way waiting for us for this matter. I love you.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Kaki makin teruk, cannot jalan. Fuck la, sedih betul. :( Sekarang duduk depan TV, online je. Nasib baik rumah dah buat wireless. Tak mandi lagi ni, oh whatever!

Oh, i just found out about something. How could you? I cant believe it. I cant say i hate you because i love you, but i just cant believe it. I have a mixture of feelings. Sedih. Hmm.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Esok test Introduction to Business. Tak ready. Okay, bye nak study!

P/S : Thanks b, for sending me home. Jangan lupa esok amik i okay? Hehehehe :) Jangan salah jalan lagi sudah. -____________-'

Monday, October 19, 2009

Only Allah knows it all.

I want to let it all out
But im afraid i might be hurting people around me
Its not appropriate
Its not going to bring me any good too
Why is it so hard
After so long it is still on my mind
After so long it is still haunting me day & night
Is it because of the things that ive been through
Or is it because of me myself
I am comparing things
& i know that should not be happening
But i cant help it
I want to end all this things now
Im tired of everything
I miss old memories :'(

Sofia is studying. Boyfriend, i love you. I miss you. 

Shout out to Nurazihanie Mahamood.

Yesterday was Nurazihanie Mahamood's 18th birthday! :) I wished her exactly on time. Rasanya la. Hehehe. Oh well, Azie. Kita rindu awak. I miss talking to you. I miss having you in my life. I miss having conversations with you. Deeper conversations. Cehh. I know whatever happened in our lives, in mine, yours, Arlina's, Nazrin's & even Iylia's cant be changed anymore. But i miss having the complete 5. I know it might be impossible to unite us again, but i hope it could be happening. Soon. Apa apa pun, i miss you Azie. & it felt so good to actually see you last night. We should go out sometime soon, update about each other. Having our own sweet time. Bergossip. Kan? :) Anyhow, i love you Azie. & i wish you a very best in life. May Allah bless you, sayang! Okay, takut. Hihihi :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back to normal.

Told you, we managed to get through everything! At first i thought, this will be the end. But no, i was wrong.

S : Pandang mata i, cakap. Jujur. Do you love me? Do you still want me? You terseksa kan dengan i?
A : *looked me straight into the eyes* I sayang you, yes i do want you now. Tapi i memang terseksa.
S : *pfft. blergh -_-*
A : Okay, now your turn.
S : I love you, i nak you. *cengkerik beberapa saat* Tapi terseksa jugak la. *HAHA :)*
A : See, sama la kan? 


S : So what are we?
A : Boyfriend girlfriend. *looked straight into the eyes too :)*

Im glad we made it, sayang. Glad we had those conversations last night. Now, we seriously have to change. Thank you, for everything. Im sorry for what have i done to you. I love you, sayang. Forever! :')

S : Okay lah. Bye. *salam*
S : Baby, i love you. :)
A : I love you too. :)

*doors closed. Started my journey back home. :)*

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today, everything happened all in one day! I thought of blogging about how happy i was today. But suddenly, around 220am, something happened. Everything has changed. I was shaking, like mad. I called everybody, no one answered. Lastly, i called Saw. I told him everything, what happened, why was i shaking. I was crying. Like hell. All because, i was thinking, why on earth are we like this. What has happened to us? Why are we acting like this? WHY?! Hmm. See, i got into this just because i was thinking about you too much. I hope everythings okay. Myself okay. I hope. Im not quite sure. Sakit dada, mungkin. Lets just see tomorrow macam mana. Hmph. What happened actually? I dont think i want to tell it here. Im tired. I told the boyfriend, he said that as if i was just playing around. Lied to him. TAKDA MASA LA WEY! Hmm. Apa la nak jadi. Dah tak suka, cakap. Jangan paksa diri. Full stop.

I said "Saya Sayang Awak".
You nodded.
Continue singing.
I said "BBBB..."
You werent even look at me.
Continue singing.

Terasa. Am i really loved by you? Tak nak, cakap. I tak nak simpan you kalau you pun terseksa. Hmm, sekian.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Cure.

It has been one month. If we could add in those 11 months that weve had, it would have been a year for us! 15th is really our date, huh? Thanks, for accepting me back in your life. For wanting me back, after 10 months. I wish theres no other fourth time for us. I love you. I didnt see you today, i didnt see you yesterday. & i know i might not be able to see you tomorrow too. & i dont know when will we see each other, again. Youve moved on, & it seems that weve been drifting apart, lately. I wish i could get back the old you. When im in this kind of situation, it makes me think. About something that i know i shouldnt. No, not that B thingy. Its just that, something that has been on my mind. I miss you. Dont you miss me? :'( I Love You, Saya Cinta Awak, Saya Sayang Awak.

I want you to want me
I need you to need me
I'd love you to love me
I'm beggin' you to beg me


Omg omg b! Happy one month. I love you so much. Always have always will. Thanks for everything & sorry for all my wrong doings. Call me b, i want you! :'((

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Keep on climbing, Sofia. Dont you dare to look down. Even if you have left your favorite shoes, favorite handbag or whatever favorites you have, just keep on climbing! Dont let anything keeping you away from your dreams, your future. Everything happens for a reason. You may lose something now, but youll get something much more better in the future. Just believe in Allah SWT. Try to change, slowly.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Specs or no specs?


P/S : Walaupun sebenarnya pakai spectacles pun buruk. HAHAHAH :D

Monday, October 12, 2009

Boring Monday.

Hello people. Today, i was at home ALL DAY & NIGHT! Imagine the boredom that striked me. :| Tapi okay la, because it has been quite a while i hasnt been spending my time at home. :) I woke up at 10+ because someone asked me to on my MSN if i love him. Then, by being a great girlfriend, i did & helped him with things. I helped him till around 3pm, then i took my bath. Lepas tu turun, tengok tv. I watched Hindi movie. Tajuk : Kambakkht Ishq. HAHAHA :) Boleh tahan ah. Betul ke? If mula mula kita benci gilaaaaaaa, tak suka gilaaaaaa dekat orang tu, last last that person will turn out to be orang yang kita akan head over heels. Haaa, jawab jawab. -_____-'

Okay, then i watched tv till around 10+pm tadi then i come online again. & here i am, blogging about my boring day. Alamak! I actually had something in mind just now to write. Tiba tiba hilang. Siap dah karang dalam kepala lagi. Now hilang sudah. Okay pape la. I guess ill just end this post now. Kalau tak lagi banyak merapu. Hehehehe. BYE!

P/S : I miss my boyfriend. Boyfriend i tak rindu i ke? :'(
PP/S : Saw, bila nak bagi waist belt i? :p
PPP/S : I rasa nak berhenti belajar, then kahwin. Boleh? Ok tak, main main. Heheheheh :D

Luahan seorang anak.

I wanted to write "A LETTER FROM A DAUGHTER TO HER FATHER" earlier & post it to this blog. But i think thats just so wrong. Tak baik seorang anak mengaibkan ayahnya. Tak baik juga seorang anak revealkan pasal masalah masalah rumah tangga dia kepada orang ramai. Lagi lagi blog ni, tak ramai pun, tapi ada la few people yang baca kan?

When the incident happened *yang made me want to write that letter*, i thought of finding Alie but i guess he wont be sparing his time for me as this is not really important to him, MAYBE JUST MAYBE. I ingat nak cari best friends i, tapi i tahu sorang tu mungkin tengah study, lagi sorang mungkin tak boleh move on dah. :) Nak cari orang lain, i rasa, i malas lah nak kaitkan orang lain to be my shoulders for this matter. Diorang tak tahu pucuk pangkal, tiba tiba nak dengar problem i. Memang takkkkkk ah! -_____-

I kesian dekat my mother. I know i havent been a good daughter to her, but when that incident happened, i realised, she is one strong woman. Inside & out. I can never imagine myself being in her shoes. She got through the marriage for nearly 30 years, & she hasnt been complaining much. I know how you feel, Mama. Please stay strong. You know your daughters will always have your back. :') & Abah, i dont know what to say anymore. Renung renungkan lah. As you said, every mistakes in marriage, mesti ada salah dua dua pihak. & in this case, youre not a perfect role model either. Tapi, anak anak Abah akan tetap respect & sayang Abah. Its just that, you just have to change. Im the youngest, doesnt mean i dont get what happened between you, Mama & the sisters.

Ok, i think i should stop now. Nanti panjang panjang, lagi merepek la i jadinya. Terus ter-reveal kisah sebenar. Tapi apa apa pun, ill always be thankful to Allah for giving this wonderful family. I love you, Abah, Mama, Kakak, Nina & Wewin. XOXO.

"Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku. Kau bukakan lah pintu hati Ayahku. Kau lembutkan lah hatinya. Kau kembalikan lah dia ke jalan yang benar. Kau tolong lah berikan kami sekeluarga kebahagiaan yang tidak dapat dikecapi dahulu. Kau berkatilah hidup kami. Kau kurangkan lah beban ibu aku ya Allah. Aku memohom kepadaMu. Sesungguhnya aku sudah tidak sanggup lagi untuk menanggung beban beban ini. Aku mahukan keluarga yang normal. Tolong lah ampunilah dosa dosa kami. Kau makbulkan lah jua doa aku ini. Amin, Ya Rabbal Alamin."

Goodbye, Hello (:


Hello NOKIA E71 -___-

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I dont know what to say anymore.

Everything in my life is changing every now & then. If today i am all cheerful & happy, the next day, something will bring out the anger, sadness & tears, again. I am tired of living this kind of life. *the color of the font shows how frustrated i am with the situation i am currently in. haih*

"Oh Ya Allah, kau berikanlah hambaMu ini kekuatan & petunjuk. Sesungguhnya aku tidak kuat. & berikanlah aku hidayah, petunjuk yang dapat mengubahku. Aku hanyalah umatMu yang kerdil, jahil & sentiasa diselubungi dosa. Aku mohon padaMu, kembalikanlah hidupku seperti sedia kala. Kau berikanlah kami kebahagiaan. Amin."

Saturday, October 10, 2009

All settled.

We managed to get through all the obstacles. I thank you, for today (9th October). I had fun & you were trying your hard to be a sweet boyfriend to me. Thanks sayang. :) One thing for sure, there will be nothing that could get through us. InsyaAllah, amin. I hope the eternity will exist for us. Lets make a vow that we will always try & will always be keeping us together, forever. I love you, Muhammad Fazlie bin Nordin. XOXO :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

I love you, second edition.

I love you. 
So much.

Enough said.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I love you.

Kalau benda continue macam ni, i think i just have to back off. Surrender. I tak suka dibuat macam orang tak ada perasaan. Kalau you dah menyampah & memang dah tak nak try work things out & berubah, ill just say, i redha. Ill let you go. I called, i tried to make conversations. Tapi you? Layan i acuh tak acuh. Just because you ada dengan your friends, you cakap dengan i elok. If not, i wont even be hearing your voice pun. Kan? I enjoy being with you, i love you. Tapi if you think by getting me already now, you can layan me like you layan me now, youre wrong! Its unfair to me & to yourself too. Think deep sayang. If you really love me, i know you know where & how to find me. If you think its too hard for you to at least show some love, *im saying some, a bit pun cukup la* then i guess, we arent meant to be for each other. I love you sayang. But please, think this, carefully. Hmph. 

P/S : I want you, please sayang. Be with me. Call me. Be nice. I miss you. I need you. :'(

PP/S : Saw, have fun in Singapore! Bring me back those 2 things i told you to, okay? :p

Stop it, already.

Mungkin kata hatiku betul,
Mungkin juga salah.

I need confirmation. I need you. Why is it so hard for you to let it go? Is there anything that has been bothering you currently? Why is it so impossible for us to make things right. When i think everything is smooth sailing, there will always be troubles waiting ahead. Im tired of everything, im tired of myself. Can we just be like others? Can you just be an understanding, loving & romantic boyfriend & i on the other side, be a really caring, understanding & lovely girlfriend. Why is it so hard? By looking at others, they make me want to puke for their loving-ness and romantic-ness. You want me to understand you but you? Nothing on your side. I just want you to at least once, take my idea of spending time together, go to somewhere we can enjoy the nature & each others companion. But you, being the ego man who always wants to lead the way, wont ever take my suggestion. So now, tell me, until when will we be like this? Until when do we have to always be the two different people? Why cant we just please each other equally & love each other normally? This is why, i think, i need a reality check. I need you to explain things. Am i really the one you love? Am i really the one you want? You answer me. Dont get angry with me for writing all this down because im just expressing myself. Im tired of keeping things in my heart. I know im not perfect, but give me a chance to at least change, slowly. You want me to change, so in order for me to change, you should change & understand me too. Quit being someone like you now & be a better one. Better man, better boyfriend. I love you, but if we keep on being like this, we wont go anywhere. Third chance aint really a charm huh? & stop ignoring my text messages & calls. Youre being childish. Full stop. *I love you, i miss you! XOXO*

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I love you. Im sorry. I dont know why do we have to be like this. Mula mula pasal perempuan tu. Tak sampai 24 jam lagi, dah gaduh pulak. I miss you. Tapi mungkin betul, we need to take things slow maybe? Dua dua kepala ego. Susah. :'( I thought lepas dah habis duka yang dipendam for months, i dah boleh senyum lebar sampai ke telinga. Tapi tak jugak. B, i love you! :'( :'(

It is now, back. Lol

I deleted my blog yesterday. Luckily, it can be restored. -_- I miss my blog. Oh, i just got to know there is someone who read my blog. Someone who is sooooooooooo pathetic. Kau cari masalah kan? Apa kitorang buat dekat kau pun tak tahu la. Dah la, talam dua muka punya biotch. Kau pegi jauh jauh la. Koma, tak pun hilang ingatan ke apa lagi bagus. Tak susahkan hidup orang. Nasib hati murni lagi, tak doakan kau mati terus. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bye, for real.



Ikhsan daripada -_____-'

I decided to stop blogging for a while. Buang sifat batak yang asyik tulis pasal boyfriend je hari hari. Ill see you guys when i start to blog again. Ceh, tengok tengok esok dah start balik. :p I wish you guys happiness. To friends, lets meet up! I miss you guys. To family, i love you. Lol. & to Alie, i love you! Please ingat & tahu batas batas you. Muahahaha. :) OH & YOU OWE ME BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGG THIS TIME. Hihihihihi :D

22 days & still counting. <3

Monday, October 5, 2009


Im such a great girlfriend & my boyfriend agrees too. Bukan nak bangga diri, but like he said "I know you better than yourself". So, bila dia agrees, that means, i really am a great girlfriend. Ceh padahal cakap baik, jangan great sangat la. Hehehe. Tapi betul la, i memang girlfriend yang sangat baik & penyayang. Kalau boyfriend cari lain gak, tak tahu nak cakap apa la. & b, dont play play okay! Kawan perempuan you tu ramai, kawan kawan gak, limit jaga okay? I girlfriend you, bukan kawan perempuan. Ingat apa dekat facebook tu, "Loyal but not always honest" eh b. Apa apa pun, i love you baby! I redha, i tidak diperlakukan macam girlfriend orang lain. I redha, i tak dapat apa yang i nak. Tapi i tetap akan percaya, anyhow, you will come back to me again if apa apa jadi pun. SAYANG AWAK, ALIE! :)

P/S : Tak ada motif pun entry ni, diam je. :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Im losing it.

For once, please let me feel the love.

I bet you know yourself that me, myself is deserved to be appreciated & loved too.

I know im such a bitch & jack ass at times, but thats part of me. You either take it, or leave it. Like it or not, thats part of Sofia Farhana binti Mohsen.

Ive tried everything, dont blame me if one day, everything will be WAY BEYOND your expectation & everything will be like how you want it to be, just that, worst & nothing from my side anymore.

I know im not an angel, but still, i have my own qualities. If you think you deserve someone else, then please proceed.


Nota : Tak lah, bukan untuk sesiapa. Sumpah. It just came, from way deep inside my heart. Tapi sesiapa makan cili mesti lah terasa pedasnya kan? Maybe these are all what ive been keeping to myself. Dari dulu, sampai sekarang. OH! My birthday is 6 months & 1 day away from now. -______-'

Saw gila, Saw gila! :)

For my blogs number 1 fan : MISTER SAW

NAH, I DAH UPDATE BLOG! HAHAHA. Youre so gooooooooooood. Please admit that im cool, ye ye ye? :) I takde idea lah hari ni nak cakap pasal ape. Bosan dah, asyik blog pasal hidup i yang boring ni je. Nanti i dah ada idea, i update okay? Stay tuned, Mister Saw. Lol. *cepat datang Subang, jom lepak minum!*

Specially dedicated to the boyfriend : Mister Alie

I miss you baby. When can i hug you? When can i kiss you? When can i be in your arms? When can i be yours? I miss the old times, and by old times, i meant when we were together months back. I miss the times when i was in CH with you & the others. Can i press rewind & play all of those back again? Or can i even get back the old you? :( I miss you, like really. So so much. I love you, b. Cepat cepat lah balik sini. Lets have a vacation together. :'(

P/S : Boleh tak kalau nak pergi Italy sekarang, shopping sorang sorang, jalan sorang sorang? Macam best. :) Btw, Bjork sucks. The Cure sucks. Kasabian sucks. Oasis sucks. Okay ni saja je, dorang tak sucks mana la, just to let out the anger. :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Something or someone, you be the judge.

Have you ever felt like youre missing something that was once yours? Something that has once made your life so beautiful & meaningful. Something that you treasure most, few months ago a while ago. Something that was always there, for you, at anytime. Something that was once your number 1 fan. Something that made you realised, life is not as easy as 1, 2, 3. Anyhow, even youre almost die because of yearning of that something, you cant even tell anybody because youre afraid you might hurt the one who loves you. & you might even hurt yourself too. 

But no matter how, i wont forget that, i already have someone who loves me for who i am. I cant even think of leaving him & i cant even imagine my life without that someone. For me, past is past & yes, the feeling of longing for that something will always pass by me every now & then. But thats how life works.

Our life is somehow like a movie. We press the button play, the movie will smoothly play & tell us the story. But we must have some parts that we really love to watch & once we feel like we want to watch that particular part, we will press the button rewind & the beautiful parts are playing & make us happy. To skip the bitter moments, we will quickly push the forward button & voilla, we have reached the part where there is where everybody is playing their part.

Was i talking about something or someone? Does it really matter now? Something - it could be your bantal busuk, your pets or anything. Someone - must be someone who was once close to you, who has always been your shoulders & ears, someone who was once very special to you.

But now, im happy for myself. Eventhough i always fight with my precious Alie, we know we will work things out. Sorry baby, most of the time, i am the one whose being the pain in the ass. :) But i thank you for still wanting me, for still want to be with me after all this while. I love you, i miss you already. And i will always remember what was once said to me, "Dia sayang Ofy sangat, dia sanggup buat apa sahaja untuk Ofy, dia ikut je apa Ofy nak". I love you, bbbbbbbbbb! Come back here, cepat sikit! :'(

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Slow slow lah.

First step : Denda i kalau i buat perangai.
Second step : Tak fikir lagi, hehehe.

I know you love the idea, baby!
Lets just hope, that this time, everything will be okay, for good.
Bulan baru, azam baru.
Hello October, hello new life.
I love you baby, i miss you so much! :'(