Wednesday, October 28, 2009

100th post, yay!

This blog has become my diary. But a diary thats not too personal, personal enough just to let everything out, deep inside from my heart. :)

Theres so much things had happened to me lately. Family & personal love life, both keeps bothering me everyday. I just hope, for a very normal & nearly perfect life. Okay, maybe thats too much. I just hope for some happiness. Thats all. Im tired of having dramas in my life.

Family ; Can we just be like every other families? We should communicate, we should have some kind of activities together. We are a family, anyhow. Please throw away all the egos, everybody. Especially, dad. You just have to accept the fact that your daughters are all grown up now. & DONT EVEN COMPARE US TO ANYBODY ELSE. & dont expect us to be perfect when you dont even bother to set a good example for us. Dont blame my sisters for not doing the work in the office & so on. Please, change dad. Then only you can expect us to change. :) I love my family & i want us to be like a normal family. :'(

Friends ; Well basically, for now, i dont really have any problem with any of them. I just love them to bits. :')

Boyfriend ; I love you, i dont know what to say anymore. I know i can be corny here but i just wouldnt. I just want to say i love you. & thats it. Sometime soon, we both would realize something. Maybe, just maybe.

Hmm, its a great way of celebrating my 100th post huh? :) Happy 100th post, dearest blog! I love you. Youve always been there for me, through thick & thin. I just know youll always be there for me, anyhow. *hugs* -_______-'

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