Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back to normal.

Told you, we managed to get through everything! At first i thought, this will be the end. But no, i was wrong.

S : Pandang mata i, cakap. Jujur. Do you love me? Do you still want me? You terseksa kan dengan i?
A : *looked me straight into the eyes* I sayang you, yes i do want you now. Tapi i memang terseksa.
S : *pfft. blergh -_-*
A : Okay, now your turn.
S : I love you, i nak you. *cengkerik beberapa saat* Tapi terseksa jugak la. *HAHA :)*
A : See, sama la kan? 


S : So what are we?
A : Boyfriend girlfriend. *looked straight into the eyes too :)*

Im glad we made it, sayang. Glad we had those conversations last night. Now, we seriously have to change. Thank you, for everything. Im sorry for what have i done to you. I love you, sayang. Forever! :')

S : Okay lah. Bye. *salam*
S : Baby, i love you. :)
A : I love you too. :)

*doors closed. Started my journey back home. :)*

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