Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today, everything happened all in one day! I thought of blogging about how happy i was today. But suddenly, around 220am, something happened. Everything has changed. I was shaking, like mad. I called everybody, no one answered. Lastly, i called Saw. I told him everything, what happened, why was i shaking. I was crying. Like hell. All because, i was thinking, why on earth are we like this. What has happened to us? Why are we acting like this? WHY?! Hmm. See, i got into this just because i was thinking about you too much. I hope everythings okay. Myself okay. I hope. Im not quite sure. Sakit dada, mungkin. Lets just see tomorrow macam mana. Hmph. What happened actually? I dont think i want to tell it here. Im tired. I told the boyfriend, he said that as if i was just playing around. Lied to him. TAKDA MASA LA WEY! Hmm. Apa la nak jadi. Dah tak suka, cakap. Jangan paksa diri. Full stop.

I said "Saya Sayang Awak".
You nodded.
Continue singing.
I said "BBBB..."
You werent even look at me.
Continue singing.

Terasa. Am i really loved by you? Tak nak, cakap. I tak nak simpan you kalau you pun terseksa. Hmm, sekian.