Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hmph, i hate this.


No conlusion

Hello, im out of ideas. I lost myself. My ankle is still not in a great & superb condition. Now im having flu & cough too. Everything seems so wrong. I dont get enough sleep nowadays *not because of assignments though -_- *. Assignments are waiting to be done. Most of them, due in 2, 3 weeks time. Hmm. I think i better stop online-ing. Need to catch up with studies. Need to distract myself from all those problems. Hmm. I miss my past. But i want my present & future to include you. I love you. Psst, i miss you. I miss us. :'( Okay, need to go. Maybe ill post something up soon, when i have lots of ideas to be poured to this blog. XOXO

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