Thursday, October 8, 2009

I love you.

Kalau benda continue macam ni, i think i just have to back off. Surrender. I tak suka dibuat macam orang tak ada perasaan. Kalau you dah menyampah & memang dah tak nak try work things out & berubah, ill just say, i redha. Ill let you go. I called, i tried to make conversations. Tapi you? Layan i acuh tak acuh. Just because you ada dengan your friends, you cakap dengan i elok. If not, i wont even be hearing your voice pun. Kan? I enjoy being with you, i love you. Tapi if you think by getting me already now, you can layan me like you layan me now, youre wrong! Its unfair to me & to yourself too. Think deep sayang. If you really love me, i know you know where & how to find me. If you think its too hard for you to at least show some love, *im saying some, a bit pun cukup la* then i guess, we arent meant to be for each other. I love you sayang. But please, think this, carefully. Hmph. 

P/S : I want you, please sayang. Be with me. Call me. Be nice. I miss you. I need you. :'(

PP/S : Saw, have fun in Singapore! Bring me back those 2 things i told you to, okay? :p

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