Saturday, October 3, 2009

Im losing it.

For once, please let me feel the love.

I bet you know yourself that me, myself is deserved to be appreciated & loved too.

I know im such a bitch & jack ass at times, but thats part of me. You either take it, or leave it. Like it or not, thats part of Sofia Farhana binti Mohsen.

Ive tried everything, dont blame me if one day, everything will be WAY BEYOND your expectation & everything will be like how you want it to be, just that, worst & nothing from my side anymore.

I know im not an angel, but still, i have my own qualities. If you think you deserve someone else, then please proceed.


Nota : Tak lah, bukan untuk sesiapa. Sumpah. It just came, from way deep inside my heart. Tapi sesiapa makan cili mesti lah terasa pedasnya kan? Maybe these are all what ive been keeping to myself. Dari dulu, sampai sekarang. OH! My birthday is 6 months & 1 day away from now. -______-'

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