Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saw gila, Saw gila! :)

For my blogs number 1 fan : MISTER SAW

NAH, I DAH UPDATE BLOG! HAHAHA. Youre so gooooooooooood. Please admit that im cool, ye ye ye? :) I takde idea lah hari ni nak cakap pasal ape. Bosan dah, asyik blog pasal hidup i yang boring ni je. Nanti i dah ada idea, i update okay? Stay tuned, Mister Saw. Lol. *cepat datang Subang, jom lepak minum!*

Specially dedicated to the boyfriend : Mister Alie

I miss you baby. When can i hug you? When can i kiss you? When can i be in your arms? When can i be yours? I miss the old times, and by old times, i meant when we were together months back. I miss the times when i was in CH with you & the others. Can i press rewind & play all of those back again? Or can i even get back the old you? :( I miss you, like really. So so much. I love you, b. Cepat cepat lah balik sini. Lets have a vacation together. :'(

P/S : Boleh tak kalau nak pergi Italy sekarang, shopping sorang sorang, jalan sorang sorang? Macam best. :) Btw, Bjork sucks. The Cure sucks. Kasabian sucks. Oasis sucks. Okay ni saja je, dorang tak sucks mana la, just to let out the anger. :)

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