Monday, October 19, 2009

Shout out to Nurazihanie Mahamood.

Yesterday was Nurazihanie Mahamood's 18th birthday! :) I wished her exactly on time. Rasanya la. Hehehe. Oh well, Azie. Kita rindu awak. I miss talking to you. I miss having you in my life. I miss having conversations with you. Deeper conversations. Cehh. I know whatever happened in our lives, in mine, yours, Arlina's, Nazrin's & even Iylia's cant be changed anymore. But i miss having the complete 5. I know it might be impossible to unite us again, but i hope it could be happening. Soon. Apa apa pun, i miss you Azie. & it felt so good to actually see you last night. We should go out sometime soon, update about each other. Having our own sweet time. Bergossip. Kan? :) Anyhow, i love you Azie. & i wish you a very best in life. May Allah bless you, sayang! Okay, takut. Hihihi :)


  1. kenapa semua org sweet sgt ni :') hihihihih. thaaaanks sofia. may god bless you too baybayh. ok busuk eja baby mcm tu :| haha. sayaaang awk :)

  2. kte tau kte sweet & will always be. tp some people couldnt appreciate someone like me. hahahah dh dh diam je. sayang awk jugak b. :)