Friday, October 2, 2009

Something or someone, you be the judge.

Have you ever felt like youre missing something that was once yours? Something that has once made your life so beautiful & meaningful. Something that you treasure most, few months ago a while ago. Something that was always there, for you, at anytime. Something that was once your number 1 fan. Something that made you realised, life is not as easy as 1, 2, 3. Anyhow, even youre almost die because of yearning of that something, you cant even tell anybody because youre afraid you might hurt the one who loves you. & you might even hurt yourself too. 

But no matter how, i wont forget that, i already have someone who loves me for who i am. I cant even think of leaving him & i cant even imagine my life without that someone. For me, past is past & yes, the feeling of longing for that something will always pass by me every now & then. But thats how life works.

Our life is somehow like a movie. We press the button play, the movie will smoothly play & tell us the story. But we must have some parts that we really love to watch & once we feel like we want to watch that particular part, we will press the button rewind & the beautiful parts are playing & make us happy. To skip the bitter moments, we will quickly push the forward button & voilla, we have reached the part where there is where everybody is playing their part.

Was i talking about something or someone? Does it really matter now? Something - it could be your bantal busuk, your pets or anything. Someone - must be someone who was once close to you, who has always been your shoulders & ears, someone who was once very special to you.

But now, im happy for myself. Eventhough i always fight with my precious Alie, we know we will work things out. Sorry baby, most of the time, i am the one whose being the pain in the ass. :) But i thank you for still wanting me, for still want to be with me after all this while. I love you, i miss you already. And i will always remember what was once said to me, "Dia sayang Ofy sangat, dia sanggup buat apa sahaja untuk Ofy, dia ikut je apa Ofy nak". I love you, bbbbbbbbbb! Come back here, cepat sikit! :'(

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