Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stop it, already.

Mungkin kata hatiku betul,
Mungkin juga salah.

I need confirmation. I need you. Why is it so hard for you to let it go? Is there anything that has been bothering you currently? Why is it so impossible for us to make things right. When i think everything is smooth sailing, there will always be troubles waiting ahead. Im tired of everything, im tired of myself. Can we just be like others? Can you just be an understanding, loving & romantic boyfriend & i on the other side, be a really caring, understanding & lovely girlfriend. Why is it so hard? By looking at others, they make me want to puke for their loving-ness and romantic-ness. You want me to understand you but you? Nothing on your side. I just want you to at least once, take my idea of spending time together, go to somewhere we can enjoy the nature & each others companion. But you, being the ego man who always wants to lead the way, wont ever take my suggestion. So now, tell me, until when will we be like this? Until when do we have to always be the two different people? Why cant we just please each other equally & love each other normally? This is why, i think, i need a reality check. I need you to explain things. Am i really the one you love? Am i really the one you want? You answer me. Dont get angry with me for writing all this down because im just expressing myself. Im tired of keeping things in my heart. I know im not perfect, but give me a chance to at least change, slowly. You want me to change, so in order for me to change, you should change & understand me too. Quit being someone like you now & be a better one. Better man, better boyfriend. I love you, but if we keep on being like this, we wont go anywhere. Third chance aint really a charm huh? & stop ignoring my text messages & calls. Youre being childish. Full stop. *I love you, i miss you! XOXO*

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