Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two situations.

The hardest part in life is when the one you love, loves someone else. That sucks, better of without him/her if she/he does that.

The second hardest part is when the one you love, likes someone else. He/she is head over heels over her.

Dont try to correct me & think that im wrong because ive felt both. BOTH. The fact that at first you were not really in love with that person until one point youve become really in love with that person you love, you are willing to do anything for that person, you are willing to sacrifice everything to see that person happy but suddenly the secret is out. He/She is in love with other person/like somebody else too much until when that person talks to the friends, he/she wont talk about you whereas he/she will talk about that other person. He/She admit that he/she is single & want to be with the person he/she likes/loves & when you found out about the conversations, your heart just crushed. Crushed into million pieces. The fact that he/she says that he/she loves you & even swears he/she does, just fly away like that.  All the trust, love etc just dissappear. You cant say you hate him/her because you love him/her too much. But itll be difficult to say, your feelings at that time. You tell your friends & family, they ask/encourage you to just let him go. But your feelings towards him/her is just so deep until you know if you let him go, youll regret it. & if you dont, you know you are always going to be hurt.

The first time was the first situation. I managed to let him go. I managed to get over him. I managed to just let him be happy with his loved one. But i admit, it took me few months to really get over him. & i wont lie, until now, im not completely over him. But ive accepted the fact that i have my one now. & he is just another history that ive created. The love is still there. The hatred i felt towards him, the situation just for few moments. Now im happy for him. :)

Now you know im facing it again. But this time, its the second situation. I dont know what to say. He said hes sorry. He said he loves me, he swears he does.  He promised to change. But im not quite sure. Ive thought about this,  i told him what my decision was early this morning around 1, 2am. But now, im not sure if thats what i want. I want to see him change. I want to be with him. Forever. I love him too much. I dont care what others say because what i know, whatever situations we will be, we will always find a way to figure it out. How to settle it. I hope theres a way waiting for us for this matter. I love you.


  1. one day when u look back on what u wrote,u'll cursing urself for being stupid for these kind of boys.seems like u always encounter with this love matter.maybe u r not lucky in love yet.maybe.

    boys will always be boys.n they are me.but u know what?u have to kiss a lot of ugly toads before u can meet ur prince charming.dont let love blind ur eyes and heart.u r still a kid.u wont realize it now.u will someday.n trust me,u will regret it.

    u hold on there aite girl.u'll be fine.dont waste ur time with those bunch of suckers.they dont worth ur time.cheers:)

  2. are u the same anonymous? well. ive done some bad things to him too & it is quite bad. but im not sure. i dont know. im just not sure of what should i do. anyways, thanks for the advice. :)