Friday, November 27, 2009

Boo - ring!

Had a great Eid Adha with extended family.

Went for lunch at Mama Chik's
Tea at Che Yah's &
Early dinner with Baby<3 at KLCC before he left for CH

It was a great gathering just now. *Got to see Syasya after soooooooo long! :) Sya, Ofy nak ikut pegi Jakarta!*

Me : Ma, ofy nak pegi dulu. Everybody can fit in one car kan?
Mama : Nak pegi jumpa Alie la tu? *while looking at Kakak*
Kakak : Biar lah diaaaa. *while smiling & half laughing. lol*
Me : Okay, bye everybody!

HAHA, alie kata Mama comel. :)

& now im home with Mok & Boboy.
Everybody is out for a karaoke session with the cousins.
Am too lazy & tired to follow.

Baby, i miss you already!<3

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