Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chipmunk chipmunk!

While im bored to death being alone at home, i asked Azie to accompany me. We had a video call but her webcam wasnt moving so it was like, i am the only one whos moving & excited for video calling. -_- 

Azie was so excited to make me speak & i was so blur why. But i, being the great friend, followed what she asked me to do. She recorded something & i swear it was so funny! MY VOICE TRANSFORMED TO BE A VOICE OF A CHIPMUNK! HAHAHAHA :D Click here to listen & watch the video. 

Oh im alone now still. Till Sunday maybe. Im bored. Entertain meeeeeeeeeeeeee. Okay now im going to entertain myself by watching TV. Byeeee. :)

P/S : It makes sense now. My name used to be CIP. Nazrin used to be LAN & Arlina used to be KIM. These names we used back at YC. Oh i miss those days. :') Okay continue, now it makes sense la sebab suara dah macam Chipmunk. Nama pun CIP. OKAY LA TU! HAHA :)

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