Friday, November 6, 2009

Everything happens for a reason.

Im trying not to think about anything.

Oh, we have finished our posters for GLT. We will be presenting it on Monday. :) Done it with the help of Sya. Uswah, me & Sya did it at my house on Wednesday. & we spent 12 hours together. Its a record! Heee.

Thursday, at home. Had a 10 hour sleep because eyes hurt. Cried before sleep. In the evening, went to pick Nazrin & Alie up, went to Summit. Had dinner at Subway & a karaoke session with them at Song Box. :) Had fun, thanks guys.

Well, i know if im stress, my mom is more stress. If im sad, shes everything. I know shes strong. Hold on there mom, you have us. :') We will get through everything together. Hanya mampu berdoa, everything happens for a reason. Anyhow, i love everybody. I miss our old times. :'(

Bersyukur la korang, atas semua benda. Kalau i rasa i dah cukup malang, ada lagi yang lebih malang dari i. I hanya perlu bersyukur dan teruskan hidup. Doakan la untuk kami. :( Semoga Allah berkati kami semua.

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