Sunday, November 1, 2009

Few hours moreeeee. :)

Hello everybody! Its been 3 days since my last post. So ill start posting with my day yesterday - 31st October 2009.

11am - 230pm - waiting for Dad to take things for grandma to be taken to Terengganu
3pm - Clean up my room, change the bed sheet, comforter & all :)
6pm - Went to Uswahs & did our GLT assignment, picked Azie up around 615pm & chit chatt-ed until 8pm
8pm - After being forced by Azie & Uswah, i went to KFC USJ 20 with them and had our dinner by using    the voucher i have that was given by Sya.
930pm - Went home and waited for Kakak & Nyna
1030pm - Me, Kakak, Nyna & Mama went to Pyramid to watch movie & have dinner
11pm - Bought This Is It by MJ tickets, went to A&W to eat. Sadly theres no more waffle. :'(
1130pm - Watched the movie till 130am
130am - Went home, sleepppp!

Note : If only the final concert of MJ is to be held. :( I am now officially one of his fan. Hes funny, fun, cool, he knows what he wants & all. I love you, eventhough its too late. But youll always be in your fans hearts. :') RIP MJ.

Note Num 2 : OH! I made a deal with Nazrin. To only eat dates! Diet babe. :) Mula mula, we will make the dates as our snacks. Then after a while, the dates will be our breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper! :) & no more rice for us. It has been a month since i last eat rice. :') B, jom lepas ni teman i beli kurma okay? I know you want your girlfriend to be pretty. Hihi :D

1st November : -

Its a great day for me as i woke up by receiving a text message from the boyfriend saying,
" Selamat pagi cinta ;)
maaf semalam tertidur :-| saya odw to katering. :) love you :-* "

Thanks baby, ikut cakap. I love you! You made me smile when i received your text message. :) Cant wait to see him! Hes on his way back with his friends. From CH to here. Miss you baby! Cepat la sampaiiiii. :D

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