Sunday, November 8, 2009

Its getting dull.

Cried today, after so long keeping everything to myself. Cried in the car while i was with beloved boyfriend, had some arguments with him. Cried while he was eating & i was only drinking plain water *siap bersumpah tak nak makan lagi sebab emo sangat if i tak makan dengan dia. bersumpah tak nak makan. LAME, I KNOW! tapi lapar sangat, dah dipaksa makan oleh Alie tercinta. :)* OH, today was the first time i saw Alie cried, like he was crying really hard. Teresak esak. My boyfriend so tiutttt. :') I cried all day yaw *padahal 2 3 hours je bersama* when was with him, ish. Silap sendiri, padan muka terus tak dapat nak spend time, hilang mood Alie, terus dihantar pulang. :'( Oh well, i think i cried because of few reasons.

1. Of course because of the arguments with mon cherie. :)
2. PMS -_- I just got my period today. Hoooorayyyy! *muka sengal*
3. Family problems.
4. I hate being alone at home because after sent Alie home, i had to be alone again. Hish.

Okay lari topic jom. Hmm. I think i need some theraphy. I need to shop. I need to buy new clothes, new shoes, new sandals, new handbags. Im getting bored with my clothes day by day. Dah tak tahu nak pakai apa pergi college. Baju kurung je la, memandangkan i have lotsssssssssss of baju kurung in my closet. Jadi budak ayu & baik & innocent once in a while, tak salah kan? -_______-' Abah, can i have extra money? To buy all those things that i mentioned? Pretty please? *muka comel*

Okay shut up Sofia. Go eat. Im hungry people. Oh have to wake Nurazihanie Mahamood up at 230am. Mimpi apa la budak tu suruh I kejut dia. :) Tapi takpe, i budak baik. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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