Sunday, November 15, 2009

Second Month<3

We made it.
Happy Second Month, Baby! <3
or we can say, Happy 13th Month? :)

I know we have gone through a lot. Plus minus the things that we used to share & all. Im glad that we are still together. Im glad we got back together. I know we both have our flaws & all. But i love you as you are. I want to be with you till the end of my life, insyaAllah. & now i know we are not in a good term now, & thats why i want to make a vow to you. *most of our arguements & fights caused by me. :(*

I promise you : Ill be truthful to you. Ill listen to you. I wont raise my voice towards you. I takkan kurang ajar dengan you dah. I akan dengar cakap you, i akan cakap lemah lembut dengan you *which i know its a bit impossible but ill try. :)*. I akan simpan duit untuk kita, you too okay? I akan cepat cepat kuruskan badan so that you dah tak payah pandang perempuan lain sebab girlfriend you dah cukup cantik manis meletup hot comel & the list goes on *okay nak muntah, silakan! HAHA*. Apa lagi you nak? Oh, i akan memahami you. Ill give you your time, & i bet ill have my time too kan. With friends & family. && b, dont ever say that i dont love you. Because you can see, how much i love you. What have i done to make this relationship keep going on strong. I tak nak i hilang you for another time. 

I love you b, dont leave me.
& i still want to keep on counting the days on being with you. :')
Love you, love you. XXOO

Ipod is coming soon. Jangan rakus. Ive promised, ill work for it. :)

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