Wednesday, December 16, 2009

15th. Especially to Uncle Nordin's son.

"Youre a good girlfriend. You know how to make your boyfriend happy. The boyfriend should know how to appreciate you. Youre not the one who should feel that youre not good enough."
"Dont be too soft hearted."

These are the lines that my best guy friend told me. :) Thankssssss! These lines will make me alive, everyday!

Hey, know what? Just realized that today was 15th December. Oh wait! Its 12.22am now. So i guess, it was yesterday that was 15th December. Hmm. 15th is really my not so lucky cum lucky number = date. :) 15th December 2009 was supposed to be my 3rd monthaversary with A. & 2nd anniversary ; if we didnt broke up last November 15th. :')

Specially to A ;

I miss you, you know. Weve gone out twice since the day that i asked for a break up. Both werent any good. We wont be good friends. We arent better being friends. I need you. You need me too, so just confess. Throw away your ego. I love you. Whatever it is, ill just wait. Ill wait for the day to come. The main reason i asked for a break up was because i wanted to give you space. I wanted to give you a lesson too. How hard it is to live, to survive without me. Well, youre not handling it that good. Youll find me, once a day at least. & im happy. :') Ahh, ill wait till your finals over. The time for you to decide. Good luck for finals k? One down, 2 more to go. Youll nail it, dont worry. Youve worked too hard for it. :) See you soon! <3

Tired. My hopes are crushed. My heart is torn into pieces. Thanks for crushing my heart over & over again.

P/S : Seriously, im tired of dramas. Arent you? Lets stop people from calling us drama king & queen shall we? Now my sister is calling me that. Ish. 

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