Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 is coming to an end.

With love, 
From S to A.

Ill miss you. 3 weeks without you? Thats torture. Even though we arent an item anymore. About N, you admit you love her? I mean, you said you havent even seen her yet. How can you love her? Well i guess, thats your right. Hmm & yes, like i said, you dont hurt me & dont flirt with some random girls if you love me more than anybody could have loved me. :') You love her now, of course youll love her more in the future. Whatever it is, i still love you. & have fun in CH.

Little note : Youre 18, shes 20. Anything is possible, babe. Remember my case? Im 18, hes 26? Hahaha :) I said ill never fall for a man of age difference more than 5 years from me, but look at who i was stucked with? :) Good luck with her. As long as she can make you happy, ill be happy for you. Cliche, i know. But thats life.  


Okay, i cant wait to spend my last 2 weeks of holidays with my friends. Ill miss you guys so much. :'( Nak main badminton, jom la! & jom buat photoshoot? & please, picnic dekat waterfall? && Sunway Lagoon? Hihihi :) Oh siapa pergi Rock The World? Ill see you there, biotches! <3

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