Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - A year full of drama, experience.

As what ive told you guys, ill be writing a post, a long one about 2009. Pictures will be uploaded too. So stay tune. :) *Recap of 2009* - May i remind you, this is the longest post ive ever posted.

2009 is a year where i started my college life. But before that, we had to face SPM. After school has finished, i became unemployed, idle. It was time for me & my friends to have fun & enjoy. I did my license & finally got my license after 2 months. & the journey began there.

January - Nik Syafiq's birthday. I went to Jakarta & Bandung for a holiday with my mom & Wewin. Had fun, but didnt do that much of shopping. Then got back here, had fun, went here & there with my friends & trying to complete my driving classes. & i just broke up but still had a little something with the ex. Which is, its the current ex too.

February - Finally, have nothing to do with the ex. Tried so hard to move on. Had some fun with friends. This was the month when i knew Bjo/Amer Hazwan. & i knew Naqib too. *Where have you been Naqib?* & the most unforgettable moment was when we *Bjo, Naqib, Saiful, Syafiq, Arlina, Azie, Nazrin, Me* went to Subang Parade to just get to know each other & have fun. Pretty much, getting bored with the unemployed, makan tidur lepak life. :) Oh & i was having a crush towards a guy too at this time. Bjo. Enough said. HAHA.

March - Iylia's & Nazrin's birthday. My results were out, & it was so so. Disappointed with myself but theres nothing that would be able to change anything. Still having the life of makan tidur lepak & menghabiskan duit mak bapak. Finally me, Nazrin & Arlina got the chance to work together at Yellow Cab Pizza & Co USJ Taipan. & here is where the actual drama begun.

April - I had my surprise birthday celebration at Yellow Cab. Special thanks to Arlina & Nazrin for making it real. :) I miss that moment. Cant believe that they can actually surprise me & got me. & April was the month full of drama. I was busy with work & Arlina got herself & Azie into a phase of drama. Me & Saiful & Syafiq got ourselves into a fight too. Yes, basically, everything has changed, 360. I actually cried because of Syafiq. He was my bestfriend. I can count on him on everything. He cheers me up when i have problems. & i was shocked, sad.

May - The friendship of me & Saiful & Syafiq ended. Just like that. I was missing my friends, very much. Everything has completely changed. But thankfully, the emptiness in my heart was filled with the bond of me & the bestfriends from Yellow Cab. We had so much fun. We got very close to each other & i love every moment of it. :) & i got an offer from UiTM, doing masscomm to. *Sadly i went there for only a month :)*

June - We started off the month with having a vacation at PD. 7 of us. This trip will never be forgotten. It was fun, exciting. It was perfect & nice. :) Arlina left for KMB few days before i left for UiTM Melaka & Nazrin to Alamanda. I was spending like everyday, on the phone, hanging out with my loved ones. Especially my crush at that time. Saufi. Full stop. It was kinda sad, having the thought of leaving everything behind. It has been quite a while since i last being away from home. Last time was, form 1. I was leaving for TKC. But that only lasted for 6 months. Of course i was sad. & the last day i was in USJ, i spent time with, you know who. That cheered me up a little bit. But i was crying, the whole time. Everything is still clear in my head. :) *Thanks for the memories*

July - Arlina's birthday. I left UiTM early & went back for the weekends. I wasnt into UiTM & i had the thought of quitting UiTM. & at this point of month, problem occured. Between me & you know who. I was really down at this time. Ive loved him too much & i know ill miss him very much too. We settled every problems we had & i let him go, just because i know, it was my fault. Ive found the guts to move on. The power to still be alive. :) Thanks to my friends, they made it. They cheered me up. :)

August - I was in a phase of forgetting you know who. It was hard, i swear it was really hard. & theres this one guy, popped out in nowhere. His name is Acap. Got close to him, i mean, he was making my phase of forgetting you know who, easier. But still, i cant accept him. & i dumped him, not contacting him until now. Sorry. & lastly, i got to meet you know who & clear things again. Im happy for you. :) & i started my college life, in August too. SEGi University College, Subang Jaya. :)

September - Got together with Alie. I cant remember how can i keep in touch with Alie, again. But yes, we got together, on his birthday. I surprised him at midnight on his birthday with the help of his friends. Before that, we did a surprise celebration for Jimbet, Nazrin's latest ex. I was having the best time of my life, with Alie by my side. I was really in love with him, again.

October - Birthday of one of my great girlfriends, Azie. Still in the in love mode. But problems were waiting for us everyday. Sprained my ankle & had a barbecue at my house. Invited my friends over & not to forget. we lost our favourite cat, Sayang. I miss you. :(

November - Me & Alie faced a lot of problems already. But we were still strong. & at last, the Geng Bus Sekolah, reunite. :) Ive missed them so much. :) & im glad i can still be friends with them. Now i know, whatever ways we chose, we still gonna be there for each & everyone of us.

December - Had my finals. 3 papers. Alhamdulillah everything went well. Results? Dont know yet. Had a huge fight with Alie & we broke up. I dumped him. Everything has ended. & i posted a video of me singing, here. First time. :| Semester break, everything went well. Went out almost everyday, had fun with my 2 bestfriends. Drama with latest ex & the girlfriend. But im moving on & im okay. :) Special thanks to Arlina Arshad, Nazrin Wahid, Saw & the rest of close friends who helped me a lot. :) & RTW rocks! With Dinie, Arlina, Nazrin & Nasha. :)

Its gonna be 2010 soon. I am seriously gonna miss 2009. Like so much. Eventhough it has been quite a rough year for me. But everything that has happened, taught me well about life. Anyhow, 2009 is just another phase for me that i had to go through. Ill miss everyone that was once with me, involved in my life. I cherish every moment of 2009. :) Whatever it is, Happy New Year to everybody! New Year's Resolution? None. Love you, 2009. xxoo

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