Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Badminton session.

So my diet plan has influenced my bestfriend, Nazrin Abdul Wahid. We have a plan to go for a jog like everyday? & we were like so burning up on the dance floor. -_- With enthusiasm, we still went out eventhough it was raining. But it was already 6 pm by the time i got my car. *my mom used my car cause her car is needed to be sent for a service because of the poor condition of the aircond* Oh & then me & Nazrin figured, we should go around & find some cool places for us to jog. But then, we were thinking, it was nice too if we could play badminton. We went to USJ 23 to survey the price of renting the court & so on but we got one problem. We didnt have shuttlecock. -________-' So we went to Taipan to search for it & had dinner at Food Garden. With PG along. :) Around 9pm, after gossip-ing & rewinding back all those good old days with PG, me & Nazrin went straight to USJ 23 to start our badminton session. :D

We started our session at 930 pm and it ended at 1030 pm. Had to pay RM10 per person. So RM20 per court, basically. :) & PG joined us around 10 pm & after playing, we decided to go to Tasik Shah Alam at Seksyen 7 with PG showing the route. *will be having our jogging session there tomorrow evening! Wanna join? :D* Know what? I never felt like this before. Healthy & happy & goooooooooooooooooood! :D It was nice having PG too, when we were on our way to the lake, i realized how much ive missed those kinds of moments with PG & the gang. :') Oh & the result of not warming up : SAKIT TANGAN, BELAKANG! PERUT JUGA. HAHAH :D

Btw, i had this one conversation with my friend just now. Well, sort of. Not the exact word lah i used, tapi same meaning. *me in red, my friend in blue*

Know what? I felt so happy tadi, now i rasa macam sampah! I menyesal on FB!
Why you rasa macam sampah? Know what? Orang yang tak reti appreciate you tu sampah!

My happy mood was turned into a moody one. Why? Because of FB. Well, if you know me & know my stories *as if my stories tu lah paling hebat!*, would know what am i talking about. :) You said you need me? I dont think so. & yes, someone owe me a movie date & satay kajang!!!!!! *ehem ehem* :D

K lah. Nak tidur. Penat! Okay, tak tidur sangat. Sambung stalk FB & chat dengan Nazrin tercinta. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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