Saturday, December 5, 2009

Die. Dead. Died. Dying.

Ive missed the presence of my grandmum already. She has gone back to Terengganu this afternoon with Ayah. Im kind of alone now, Mama is out having teh tarik with her cousins. Kakak is going out in a short while too. Clubbing. I wish i could follow. :|

I was thinking when i was in the toilet just now. Of course people will all die sooner or later. Its just a matter of when & how. If i were to die in 2 days, what would you guys do with me? Would you guys spend your time with me? Would you even remember me when im dead? How would you guys remember me? Are the things you remember positives or negatives? Would you even miss me? Would you even visit me at my grave? Would you read me Surah Yassin & Al-Fatihah? Would you forgive me for all my sins & bad things that i have done? Would you ...... Most importantly ... Would you still love me & remember me if i was gone?

Im sorry for everything. If i were to die today, i would want to spend my days with my loved ones. I would want to ask for forgiveness from Allah. I would want to go to special places with loved ones. I would want to let all out, everything that ive been keeping to myself all this while. & i would want to be with everybody that i know & know me. Before its too late, i want to say, I LOVE EVERYBODY, & you know who you are. Thanks for being my friends, family & loved ones. Thanks for everything. :')

I guess id stop here. If i dont stop, i know ill be babbling more, non stop. Oh btw, my Malaysian Studies paper was horrible. Enough said. Sorry if this post is quite emotional. <3

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