Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I bet you guys are bored to death with all my posts kan? I guess ill stop here. Ill continue blogging when ive healed. Im tired of my situation, environment. I have 2 more weeks to be spent with my friends. & now? I dont have the mood to do anything anymore. Jogging? Diet? Exercise? Whats that? I guess ill just stop eating & blogging. Thanks, youve done it again. Be happy, be very happy! I dont need any advices, i dont need no one to call me or to even ask me whether im okay or not. Because I AM NOT OKAY & I DONT LIKE LIVING MY LIFE IN THIS SITUATION. Im crying like hell, i think its better for me to die. Oops, no no. Belum cukup lagi ibadat, bertaubat dekat Allah. Dah la. Dont miss me too much. If you miss me, just watch this video.

P/S : Thanks for making me cry. I love you.