Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Guys + flirting = Stupid.

What is it with guys & flirting?

Everybody is asking me, whats my status now. I guess, the answer is :-

He changed his status before i did. Yes i asked for it, but it wasnt final. :) What to do, i just have to accept it.

Had this talk with Kakak earlier this evening :-
*kakak in blue, me in orange*

Doh bakpe break dengan Fazlie nye? *yes, it was kinda weird knowing that my mom & sister calling A, Fazlie.*
Dok tau, saje. *muka slamber, yang penting!*
Bakpe? Cu cite sikik.
Kakak rasa ofy dengan Fazlie have to talk. Sorang kene ngaloh. Ofy dok puah hati, kabo. Cakak molek. Kakak dengan Harwin ade problem sama macam you guys gok.
Hmm susoh la kak.
You have to.

Note that, me speaks Terengganu dialect at home. :) Hmm, yes, its complicated. Susah lelaki yang over friendly dengan perempuan ni. :) Its okay, if we are meant to be together, then we are. Kan? :) Most important thing, my friends mesti cakap i dengan A break tak lama. We will get back to each other soon. But this time, i think it is really ending. Hmm. Friends, help me to move on please? He has moved on. So why should i, the one who wanted to break up, still in this mourning situation? -_-

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