Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hello :)

A friend of mine, which i think i shouldnt mention his name, *okay, dah ter-reveal pulak its a he. HAHA :)* really wanted me to update my blog. So here i am, updating my boring blog. & yes okay fine, i wont be too emotional this time. Hihihi :)

Seriously, if you dont want me to bore you, you may just click the X button up there. :D

Well, its been a few days i didnt update my blog. I guess these past few days have been quite a drama for me. But still, i have my friends beside me which i feel so blessed having them. I still am not moving on from Alie. & i am still living my past. I miss those memories. But im lucky this thing happened to me when i have my friends here, having their sem break. I went to quite a few places with them. Having fun with them. Had tons of fun. & thanks for making my day. I love you guys. & my diet plan? Well, doesnt work out really well. But im trying my best to diet lah. Wait, wait okay? For the new me. Eventhough my friend said diet = die & he said that im perfect enough so its enough. HAHAHAHA lawak la kau. :| Oh & suddenly i have this feeling of deleting my blog. -_- Blog dulu penuh dengan si polan A, blog ni penuh dengan si polan B. Tak boleh ke i nak hidup bahagia macam orang lain? Ah whatever. Im 18 & i should live my life to the fullest. Okay la, i guess i should stop now. I have no idea & oh! Me & Arlina have this new blog of ours. Click here if you want to check it outttttttttttt. :D

Nota kaki & tangan : I love you. Why must you change? :( I miss you. XXOO

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