Thursday, December 10, 2009

I dont know what are we. Hanging.

Are we over? Are we done with each other?

I asked for it, i should be happy about it. Right? But now, i dont think im having the time of my life. Im not enjoying every single second of my life. Ill put a fake smile on my face. Ill laugh, ill show to people how strong i am. But you see, deep inside, i am not what you think i am. Ive planned so much, to do things together with you. I have things on my mind on wanting to go to CH, Terengganu, celebrate New Year together. But now, everything has crumbled. They are all ruined by me. Myself. Yes, i have my friends. But its not the same anymore. I dont cry, im trying. Im trying not to choose the path which i have to cry every single second when i rewind those moments. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I am now rewinding those happy moments weve had. We arent like ordinary couple. We fight, we argue, we dont do sweet things to each other. But thats what i miss about us. You treat me not like you treat everybody else. I dont know the main reason why i chose what i chose. Nobodys perfect. I shouldve just accepted you for who you are. Theres no point on changing the one we love. We should just cherish them. But ive made a mistake. & youve moved on. Maybe. I think i should not be here anymore now. Everywhere i go, it reminds me of you. Even my room reminds me of you. I told myself, i hope it wouldnt be the next time for us. But i did it, again. Im sorry. Im sorry. I love you & you know it yourself. I dont have to say how much i love you or i miss you. Need you or want you because i bet youve known it all. Weve known each other for 2 years. & you know me more than i know myself. Same goes to me. But now, i dont know. I just hope things will get better. But maybe i just have to accept what ive decided to go with. But i miss you. & i still want you. :'(

Goodluck for finals. I know youll nail it. Youll pass with flying colours. With all the effort & hard work youve put through, i know youll get good results. Amin.

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