Sunday, December 13, 2009

Junk food, fast food, rice. Yummayh kan?

I am running out of ideas. I dont feel like blogging, i dont feel like meeting my friends too. Why? I guess you should know. Hmm. I hope this thing aint permanent. I miss you. :'(

Btw, i seriously need to lose some a lot, & i really mean A LOT of weight. So starting from now, no junk food fast food & rice for me. Well, rice & junk food is fine. Fast food is like so irresistable you know. Especially McD. But its okay, ill try. My harderst. Hehehe :D

I think i need to buy a dress of size 10. To motivate me. Oh well, dulu ada orang janji nak teman pergi jogging selalu. Sekarang orang tu dah takde. :( Rindu awak, sumpah!

P/S : I love singing. Eventhough i dont own superb voice. :)

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