Sunday, December 6, 2009

Multimedia Message System? :|

I am so bored today. The plan on going out with Alie got cancelled due to his assignments. He got pretty much caught up with studies nowadays. & im always being abandoned by him because of that. & my finals going to end tomorrow while his, will be starting next week. & when i already get my freedom, he has to struggle for his finals. :( Sad? Yeah i know. We will be going out tomorrow & i cant wait. Sorry Azie, plan carlos will be held next time. Hehehe. I have not met my Alie for 4 days & its been too long for me. :'(

Oh well. While i was watching Beverly Hills of Chihuahua just now on channel 413, i got a text message. I was crossing my fingers, hoping for the text would be from my Alie. But know what? It came from Alie's dad! & i thought it was an empty message. Suddenly i opened it, Alie's dad sent me MMS! Yes, MMS! He sent me a freaking MMS. How cool is that? HAHAHA. He sent me the picture above. Yes, the exact picture above. :S Then i immediately forward it to Alie. Hahaha. According to Alie, his dad is over-friendly. In a good way maybe? He will call his Angah's girlfriend like everyday? :/ At first i thought Alie's dad didnt know about us. Well, after we broke up. But Alie's dad didnt know that we broke up. I guess Alie is good at keeping things to himself. :) Oh if you guys wonder, i didnt reply the MMS i got from Uncle Nordin. Heh.

Oh well, the picture above was taken when me, Nazrin & Azie went for a holiday in Cameron Highlands. Went there just to breathe the fresh air & to spend my time with Alie. It was a fun holiday. It was back in March 2008. & at that time, we were in a souvenir store. Just looking around on our last day in CH. :) I miss that time. Baby, when will you be bringing me there again? :D

Malu la pulak terfikir ayah Alie tengok ke semua gambar? Oh man, ada gambar lucah! -________-'

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