Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Okay bye, nak study.

As you all know, tomorrow is my first paper for finals. & yet im still here, online-ing. Stupid Sofia, bad Sofia, bad bad badddddd. :| I think ill continue studying after watching Sekar. Ill be locked up in my room, studying in a silent & peaceful environment. Sounds nice, right? :D

To add more negative of me, i went out with Alie yesterday. Hish. Went to Mid Valley to have our late lunch & early dinner. & in the end, we packed the leftovers because we were too full. :S I can still feel my stomach is stuffed with yesterday's meal. HAHAHA :) It was raining heavily yesterday. I was nearly get strucked by lightning when i reached home, wanted to get out of the car. How frightening is that? & the boyfriend wasnt being a nice boyfriend. :'( Luckily he apologized. Heh. Oh & his dad called me, twice in a row. Cool ey? But i think i was a bit 'cengkerik' with Alie's dad. HAHAHAHAHHA :|

 Moving on, i received a bad news from my sister. Our step grandmother, Tok Mi has just passed away early this morning. I know im not really close to her, but shes still like my grandmother. Few of our representatives from KL is going back to Terengganu for it. Al - Fatihah to her. & please, pray for her everybody. Takziah to Aunty Nor's family.

P/S : Wish me luck for tomorrow's paper. May the force be with me. Semoga Allah simpan segalam ilmu yang bakal dihafal sebentar nanti. Amin. Semoga keajaiban berlaku juga. :|


  1. Looking at the delicious food make me go hungry.


    Damn it!
    Mana nak cari sekarang ni?

  2. ahahaha. just eat goreng pisang with sundae from mcd. omg, sumpah sedap! :D