Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sofia oh Sofia.

As you all know *siapa tah yang baca blog ni :|*, i had my first paper for my finals this morning. Let me say, it wasnt that hard & it wasnt that easy too. I dont know whether i could get 70% & above or not. Ahh, whatever! Now its time for me to date Malaysian Studies. It would be even boring-er *i know that word doesnt exist*, i know. I hope Malaysian Studies wont be such a pain in the ass. I love you, Malaysia. So just be my lover, just for 2 days. Ok? Lol. :)

Err, i just got back from meeting my lover! Truth to be told, i know he cant live without me. Right, baby? Hik hik hikkk. :) I know im such a great girlfriend. Im willing to go all the way to Kota Damansara just to accompany him for dinner. Im sweet, right b? :D *okay dah jangan syok sangat* Sometimes i feel like, im the man & Alie is the woman. Get it? Im the boyfriend & he is the girlfriend? Like, id do something boyfriends would do to their girlfriends & Alie would just act like some stupid bitches. HAHAHA :) Okay kidding baby. I love you! Alie would act like some spoiled girlfriend & would have the oh-whatever-you-baby attitude. :| Thats what i wanted to say. Hihihihihi. Sorry b, i love you, still!

Okay dah la Sofia. Pegi la date dengan Malaysian Studies tu. HE'S waiting for you. -_____________-'

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