Sunday, January 17, 2010

Current Addiction : Vodka Bottles.

Look at the vodka bottles above. SO BEAUTIFUL RIGHT? LOL. I am now addicted to the vodka bottles. Oh dont get me wrong. I dont drink, i just love the bottles. Especially the red one & the rainbow colored above. :D

Hmm. & i am seriously losing my writing ability. Not that ive had one. HAHAH. :S Okay, serious talk lah okay. Hmm, i am now loving my life. With my friends & family with me, i feel like my life is complete. Eventhough its not perfect & it will never be, i am thankful that i still have both of my parents & my grandmother. The one & only. My friends who always be there for me, through thick & thin. However, i miss my high school life. I miss school ; not the study part but the part that we always see our friends everyday, not missing every single gossips & all. OMG, i so miss school a lot. :| & i miss being a 5 year old kid. :( I miss my same old Abah. & i miss being a daddys little girl. Hmm. Oh well, people change. & my dad? Hes transforming, 360 if you wanna know. :) Hmm enough about that.

I am now busy. Busy with classes, studies. & hanging outs. Lol. I have class everyday except for weekends & Tuesday. & my class on Friday is at 230-530pm. Sucks big time kan? Haish. But i hope i could get a higher CGPA for this sem. Im trying my best. I wanna go abroad. Pursuing my degree. AMINNNNNNNN! :)

& currently, im killing my time with hanging out with the bestfriend, Si Gila & classes je. I miss my two bestfriends too. & the Geng Bas Sekolah. :(


  1. This is so cool man. Sangat menarik. I love the bottles too.