Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kawan baik ; lelaki.

Sekarang ni i depend on him je. *Okay la, basically la, selain daripada my other girlfriends.* Everyday, memang selalu cari dia je. Sebab dia, i am still living my life, happily. Dia sweet, dia baik, dia hebat, dia memang menawan, dia cool, dia memang hebat la! *Okay i dont know why im praising you. :S Terima je okay? Haha* He knows how to make me laugh when im stressed out. I just feel like thanking him, for being there for me. When i was having my toughest time, he was there to make sure that im strong enough to go through my hard times. He is one great best friend. He knows his part & i know mine. We have been close since i broke up. & whats funny is everybody seems like not moving on from us. HAHA. Biar ditekankan disini, kami hanya kawan baik. :) But sometimes, i wonder, will we be like this till forever? I hope we do. I appreciate everything you do to me. & thanks for everything. I hope you wont be like some people okay? Who forgets after a while. :')

& a confession : Saya sayang awak, kawan. :|

P/S : Please dont get too excited, okay? Jangan bangga sangat. HAHA :p 

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