Sunday, February 28, 2010

Same person.

Chihuahua, Alligator, Chichi, Handsome boy = Same person. 
& yes i am in love with him. 
Its getting more & more each day. :'( 
But im happy with him. 
I am happy with you.


Friday, February 26, 2010

A long but not so good one.

Its 3.13am & i should be sleeping. But here, i am, blogging. Lets try my luck now, am i able to write a good post. Hehe :)

Now, its February going to March already. So far, my 2010 has been great. Theres ups & downs here & there but i manage to stay strong. But somehow, i just miss my 2 great girlfriends. I havent seen them for quite a while & of course i miss them so much. We never update each other anymore. :( But i know you guys are busy. & i just hope we dont fall apart okay? I love you girls <3 

& lets just say i am enjoying my life to the fullest right now. Sure, there are some times i just feel like killing myself, ignoring everybody & just want to be away from everybody but i still could be here, standing, waiting for good & bad things to come. I believe i may not be this happy for a long time *eventhough im crossing my fingers, hoping that it will last for long*, but all i can do is just cherish my moments now. Im creating memories *luckily they are beautiful memories*, with the person i spend my days & nights most. I am afraid, i am paranoid. What to do, me being me, drama queen. :) 

No, if youre thinking that im in any relationship with anyone, youre wrong. I may look like the happiest person alive, but its not because im attached to anybody. I dont have commitment. & i dont want to look for any. Im happy with where i am, who im with. Maybe it seems that im giving my full attention to this one particular person, but we have no commitment. I can go out & mingle but i choose not to. Why? Because i may lose my Chihuahua. I know im being dumb, but what to do? I am just so in love with Alligator that i chose not to look for anybody. However, Alligator, you may go & look for you princess. Maybe once youve found yours, then thats the only time ill try & not to be so much in love with you. Sorry, now i do feel jealous everyday. & you know why. *please dont run away :'(*

Oh what about we change the mood? Hahaha. Well, time flies & ill be 19 in 1 month & 2 weeks time, more or less. Its this fast. I still remember how i was when i was in Form1, my TKC days, my first day in SMK USJ 13, everything. Now, daddy's little girl has grown up & shes no more daddy's little girl. Because daddy has changed too. :( However, i love me & my friends that have grown up. We manage to still maintain the bond of ours & i could still have a reunion of GBS every semester break of theirs. :) & i love what Iylia wrote on my wall post, "Awak. Kenapa takut? O: Jangan kau bimbang sayang,di mana kami berada, dengan siapa kami bersama, jangan kau bimbang kami tetap kau yang punya. :D ♥". Thank you Iylia, me love you & the gang! :')

Oh well. What to do. Life is short. Might as well just enjoy it to the fullest now. Do whatever you want to do while you still can. :) Theres nothing impossible. Go & get your heart broken, your first kiss, first love, climb the highest mountain, go hiking, go picnic at waterfall, go on a vacation with friends, spend days with family. Nothing is wrong, just do it. :) Go for it! *some may be wrong la. hahaha*

Most of my weekends are filled with her. -_- 
She is now far far away in Kelantan. My up-to-date-in-fashion-friend :) 
Singing partner, along with Saiful. Karaoke, mari! :D 
& this is my crazy, bongok, best friend. :)

P/S : I still love you however. 
PP/S : I want to meet Arlina & Nazrin.
PPP/S : I need to diet! -________-'

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ill be back. With something interesting. I have a lot to say here. But i just cant. I have to keep some things private. :) Sorry this blog is getting boring-er & dull-er. HAHA :)

However, my life is pretty good right now. Incredible, in fact. Ill try to post some picture or anything later. Wait for them. Hee. 

But im active on my tumblr, twitter & facebook. :D

P/S : I am in love with my Mister Alligator. I fall more in love each day with my Alligator. :')

Saturday, February 20, 2010

GBS + Nazrin + Arlina.


Went out with this 5 people. On 19th February. To Pavilion. Sayang korang. :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

KT was awesome!

Im back & im happy. Well, lets just say the trip was awesome & as usual ; KT makes everybody gain weight. -__-' Its okay, im proud of being a KTian. HAHAHA :D 

P/S : Jangan lari okay lepas masing masing dah confess tu. HAHAHA -.- Buat tak tahu je.
PP/S : My blog is getting boring-er each day. Haisho.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kuala Terengganu, kampung halaman.

Will be going back on Saturday till Tuesday. Might be having a BBQ session with the cousins there. & i hope my trip to Kuala Terengganu will be a blast. KT, wait for meeeeeeeeeeeee! Ive missed you so much! :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Im afraid. Im afraid of losing you. Very afraid. Because my life revolves around you, now. I depend on you. On everything. So please, if youre ever gonna leave me, give me some hints. So that i could be prepared. Deal?

P/S : But i hope you wont. Ever. Or at least, for the time being. Not now. :')

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


memandangkan saya ni bukan lah mat salleh, saya blog dalam bahasa melayu je la ye? saya rasa sekarang ni saya nak stop tulis blog. tumblr juga. untuk seminggu, tengok macam mana. nak reda kan keadaan la. nak jaga hal keluarga pulak. ramai sangat tak puas hati. saya tak panas la, saya tak kurus, tak cantik. cari la mangsa lain. kalau saya ni tak cantik tapi boleh rapat dengan lelaki handsome *ehem ehem terasa sila, lelaki2 yang rapat dengan saya. HAHA* menjadi masalah semua orang, maaf lah. bukan saya mintak. :) tapi dah lelaki lelaki tu suka BERKAWAN dengan saya. hehehe :) mungkin saya ada personaliti yang sejuk. ok tu bodoh. diam je. mak saya pun cakap tak payah layan hal remeh temeh ni. kawan baik saya, kawan rapat saya. jadi saya rasa, buat masa ni, saya pun harus ikut cakap diorang. diorang kenal sapa saya. diorang tau saya macam mana. diorang je yang penting, yang lain tu. alah, macam air manis manis. tak penting. tp hari hari saya kene minum air kosong. :) eh ni dah merepek jauh dah ni. bye la. semoga berjaya. *tiba tiba*

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stupid, dumb, idiot. :D

Damn man. Were you & your friend trying to make me jealous by telling out those stories? Hahaha im sorry. But seriously, those stories didnt affect me AT ALL. :D You guys were just looking plain stupid & idiot. Haha. Im happy for you & her. Cute couple? Alolooooooooo. Patut la pun. Sebab sorang tu macam budak umur 12 tahun. HAHAHA :D & your friend? Sumpah poyo. Patut la pun korang dapat jadi roommate. Ceh. Eh i shouldnt be kutuk-ing you guys here. Sebab it will make me look dumb. OH & BTW, THANKS FOR GIVING ME MY THINGS BACK. & I NEED MY EARPHONE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :D

Monday, February 1, 2010

February it is.

I cried for you, twice. 

MUAHAHAHHA. That made your day right? It was hilarious. Me? Crying? Because of you? Stupid. :) 

Tapi i tahu, i nangis ke i loser ke, you sayang i! Yay! 

Ok dah bye. Nak baring.

P/S : Happy February people! January was fantastic! :D