Friday, February 26, 2010

A long but not so good one.

Its 3.13am & i should be sleeping. But here, i am, blogging. Lets try my luck now, am i able to write a good post. Hehe :)

Now, its February going to March already. So far, my 2010 has been great. Theres ups & downs here & there but i manage to stay strong. But somehow, i just miss my 2 great girlfriends. I havent seen them for quite a while & of course i miss them so much. We never update each other anymore. :( But i know you guys are busy. & i just hope we dont fall apart okay? I love you girls <3 

& lets just say i am enjoying my life to the fullest right now. Sure, there are some times i just feel like killing myself, ignoring everybody & just want to be away from everybody but i still could be here, standing, waiting for good & bad things to come. I believe i may not be this happy for a long time *eventhough im crossing my fingers, hoping that it will last for long*, but all i can do is just cherish my moments now. Im creating memories *luckily they are beautiful memories*, with the person i spend my days & nights most. I am afraid, i am paranoid. What to do, me being me, drama queen. :) 

No, if youre thinking that im in any relationship with anyone, youre wrong. I may look like the happiest person alive, but its not because im attached to anybody. I dont have commitment. & i dont want to look for any. Im happy with where i am, who im with. Maybe it seems that im giving my full attention to this one particular person, but we have no commitment. I can go out & mingle but i choose not to. Why? Because i may lose my Chihuahua. I know im being dumb, but what to do? I am just so in love with Alligator that i chose not to look for anybody. However, Alligator, you may go & look for you princess. Maybe once youve found yours, then thats the only time ill try & not to be so much in love with you. Sorry, now i do feel jealous everyday. & you know why. *please dont run away :'(*

Oh what about we change the mood? Hahaha. Well, time flies & ill be 19 in 1 month & 2 weeks time, more or less. Its this fast. I still remember how i was when i was in Form1, my TKC days, my first day in SMK USJ 13, everything. Now, daddy's little girl has grown up & shes no more daddy's little girl. Because daddy has changed too. :( However, i love me & my friends that have grown up. We manage to still maintain the bond of ours & i could still have a reunion of GBS every semester break of theirs. :) & i love what Iylia wrote on my wall post, "Awak. Kenapa takut? O: Jangan kau bimbang sayang,di mana kami berada, dengan siapa kami bersama, jangan kau bimbang kami tetap kau yang punya. :D ♥". Thank you Iylia, me love you & the gang! :')

Oh well. What to do. Life is short. Might as well just enjoy it to the fullest now. Do whatever you want to do while you still can. :) Theres nothing impossible. Go & get your heart broken, your first kiss, first love, climb the highest mountain, go hiking, go picnic at waterfall, go on a vacation with friends, spend days with family. Nothing is wrong, just do it. :) Go for it! *some may be wrong la. hahaha*

Most of my weekends are filled with her. -_- 
She is now far far away in Kelantan. My up-to-date-in-fashion-friend :) 
Singing partner, along with Saiful. Karaoke, mari! :D 
& this is my crazy, bongok, best friend. :)

P/S : I still love you however. 
PP/S : I want to meet Arlina & Nazrin.
PPP/S : I need to diet! -________-'

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