Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Biggest stalker, stay with me forever please? :)


Hello. Someone confessed today. That the person has stalked me for quite sometime already. Cool ey? Since September wey. I feel so proud. At least someone is willing to be my biggest stalker. & that someone is the person who i love the most now. :') Okay la, maybe not the most. But i love that person with all my heart. Weeeeee. Terima kasih ya awak? :') I look forward to spend my days with you, i look forward to see you everytime. Jaga saya elok elok ya awak? Kalau awak sakitkan hati saya, ramai boleh cari awak lepas tu pukul awak? Hahaha okay im kidding. :) Im cherishing my moments with you now. & i promise, nothings gonna change. For now, we will be like this. Future? Lets not think about it. Err, maybe im the only one who thinks about it too much? Okay okay shut up! I love you. <3

P/S : Saya gemuk pun dia sayang. Saya macam babi pun dia fall for me also. Saya tak perfect pun dia suka saya. Thanks for everything, awaaaaaaaaak! :')

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