Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday, 19th March.

I skipped Islamic Studies class yesterday. *its 4.20am now, so its yesterday lah. :D* I wanted to go but i fell asleep around 1pm. When i woke up, it was already 3.30pm. Haha :D Then i went to fetch Azie at her house for our date to Pyramid. I accompanied her shopping & i got myself one baju from Dorothy Perkins. Hehe. Yes, my theraphy is shopping. Went shopping with Arlina too on Nazrins birthday. Scored few clothes. Weeeeeee! & after went to Pyramid, sent Azie home then i was off to Alexis Ampang to watch Tompi perform. Omg! Hes so amazing okay! He can do voices, different voices. Bass, chipmunk. Yet he still sounds marvellous! I hope he can be my singing teacher. Hehe. Oh well, thanks for a great Friday k, Mom, Nyna & Azie?! I should continue keeping myself busy. Im okay. :) I miss you, btw best friend. Where are you? :'(

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