Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life is complicated.

Unfortunately, the thing im afraid most has happened. I know youll always be here for me, but everything is not the same anymore. I cant hold your hands. I cant hug you. I cant call you sayang. I cant do what ive been doing to you for the past times. Ill miss everything about you. But at least i know youll always be the same. I just hope i could be like that with you for a longer time. :'( Why life must be so complicated? :'(

Youve promised. So stay. Eventhough not as my special one, but please, be my Alligator forever. Because ill always be your fat piggy wiggy. Thanks for everything!

P/S : I think this time im gonna diet for real. Im gonna be 50kg at least, then make everybody regrets losing me. :D What say you? Uuuuweeeeeee!
PP/S : I still need strength. Im not strong. So help me, God!

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